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No need for great speeches, just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
Michael Maroy - Award Winning Filmmaker

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One the greatest boxing matches of all time. Hagler vs Hearns. Action packed!

This in one of the greatest boxing matches of all times, with two boxing greats and Hitman Hearns and my personal favorite fighter Marvelous Marvin Hagler back then the refs were controlled by the mob so they allowed fight to go no matter what. Now days the refs have to protect the fighters so a fight will be stopped before you ever see another bout like this. This is what made boxing the great sport it is. The talk actually led up to a fight that it was hype up to be. These dudes fought like they really hated each other. There was no sportsmanship this was a war. This is the best action packed 3 round you will ever see.

This is what a music video is suppose to look like. Excellent.

This is what a music video is suppose to look like. That garbage you see now being shoot on a regular are home videos. This is a excellent full production film designed to accompany a great song shot by Director Gabriel Hart. And  literally you can turn the volume down and just look at the video every frame is a photograph. You can not tell me this video looks like the other videos you have seen lately. No way. The editing alone is superior than most out now. The lighting for certain shots is masterful. The production value can be seen in practically every shot. This is my idea of a dope video.

Just some random thoughts on Filmmaking.

Most people really dont understand how many people are usually involved to produce a respectable production on film. Shooting aa documentary has its pros and cons when filming that makes it more difficult at times because normally its not planned when getting real footage but its combing that with shots that need to be set up like a feature narrative that makes it a painstakingly process. And shooting a full feature narrative or a mini one in the form of a music video takes so many elements to do it properly. Every day I see people get away with shooting music videos without the proper elements and I just ignore it because people pay for that and I dont want to look like the hater but I can not help but notice how wrong they are an it shows in their end result. Of course a lot of people get by with the single hand held shot videos with the 3 and 5 second cuts in the editing room pieced together so you dont notice all the flaws but there are so many fundamental elements missing in the final product. Be honest when you look at the average video today that is shot and used for the internet as promotion are you truly impressed with it? Does it really stand out like the Hype Williams productions of the past? Does it really look like they followed a shot list and had story board or does it simply look like a bunch of random footage throw together in a collage and called a music video? When is the last time you seen a music video that has really impressed you? Like damn that was dope I want to see that again! Ultimately that is what a good production is suppose to do. Make you want to view it again. Same as a great song makes you want to hear it again. But these videos dont match the song. You cant even remember the last video you really just had to view it again???? I can. The Versace video by the Migos. That was a very impressive video. But you dont care to see most of these videos again because it is rare you see a Director that passionate about his craft now days because everybody with access to a camera think they are Martin Fucking Scorses. SMH I just simply believe there is an art to the craft of film making. And of all the arts I think its the highest because it incorporates all the other arts within itself. A great film contains music, the visuals of photography must be framed and shot in an artistic way, the lighting must be utilized properly and the writing of the story line rather poetic or dramatic must move along gracefully. I love a good film. And I mean that. I love a good film rather its a 2 hour full length feature film, a short documentary, an animation, a music video or a 1 minute commercial. When all the elements are in proper place its a beautiful thing to view. And for all the people out there in need of proper production please start placing money behind your projects so all the proper elements can be present, trust me you will be grateful years later as you look back on your work and it has stood the test of time. And to all the Directors and Filmmakers study your craft and and hold your title in a high regard. To be called Filmmaker is a title of prestige. A Director is a man of power. Act as such and demand total cooperation from all elements when working. Too many people get so caught up in making a quick dollar that they lack creativity. And a film that lacks creativity and quality quickly goes from being a film to a home video. And that is when you have lost. So study your craft and respect your title. Otherwise please leave it alone.

The Purpose of Life... Excellent Spoken Word...


All Access: Maywetaher vs Maidana 2- Full episode 3


Interview with one of the greatest documentary filmmakers of all times. Ken Burns.

He gave up so much great information in this interview. You may have to watch it a couple of times to digest all the info.