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No need for great speeches, just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
Michael Maroy - Award Winning Filmmaker

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Jay-Z soon to be considered one of the most successful musical artist ever.

Think about this for your history books all you music fans. People dont realize JAY Z is on his way to becoming one of the most successful musical artist of all times. Look at this list of Most Number One-Albums Artist ‪#‎Number‬ of Albums that were number 1 1.The Beatles with 19 2. Jay-z with 13 3.Bruce Spingsteen with 10 4.Elvis Presley with 10 5.Barbra Streisand with 10 6.Garth Brooks with 9 7.The Rolling Stones with 9 8. Madonna Just looking at the list makes you say damn Jay took Hip hop to different heights. The Beatles are no longer around. We need Jay-Z to put out another 6 albums to break the Beatles record and become the number one artist with the most number one albums of all time. That's history. I just like to live in historical times. And people still have the nerve to hate on that man. Im buying two copies of every album he drop from now on the first day they released. I feel like if he get that record from the Beatles thats a win for us all. For hip-hop. For the ghetto. For Black history. Just a thought by Michael Maroy

We have to care about something...

We as men have to care about something. Throughout life you will take alot of losses and sometimes you will feel like their is nothing to care about. But I warn you, a man that does not care about something is a dangerous man. A danger to himself and anyone that he encounters. "In Life its not about how much you know, or how much you own, its about how much you care." And the most important thing a man should care about is his self preservation. His life. His legacy. His name. Your name is the only thing that lives on long after your gone. Your name defines you to the world. Throughout history all men big and small great and below average has had people attempt to discredit, disgrace and disrespect their name. Its simply human nature. Dont even worry about it. They hated on Michael Jackson and we all know the world loved Michael Jackson. But that's just how it goes. But your job is to constantly work adding to your legacy and resume. So when they say your name even when bad is spoken and hatred is spewed after they the good and bad your name will still be golden. Protect your name, build your legacy. Live forever... Michael Maroy

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