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No need for great speeches, just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
Michael Maroy - Award Winning Filmmaker

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Watch Jes Push Music Video "Everything I Have"

  Jes Push Music Video for "Everything I Have"

But they say racism no longer exist. SMH SAE fraternity.

Am I really suppose to feel sorry for this old lady who put on a front like she was so hurt by the racism then she was exposed? But yall say racism dont exist. SMH

Dre Doja - I Want You Starring Mally Mall & Nikki Mudarris


Straight Outta Compton Movie Trailer is Dope!

I do not think I have ever wanted to see a movie so badly. I want to see this movie so bad I wish I was in it. I am literally going to be waiting outside the theater the first day it come out how those die hard Star Wars fans do. lol And I will be in my N.W.A uniform. All black.

Coach's Corner Radio Show Interview with Michael Maroy

Actual interview start at 39 minute mark.
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Gay Men sue the AKA's for not allowing them to be members. SMH

Huffington Post | By Sahaj Kohli reports.... A group of gay men known as the MiAKAs are filing a lawsuit against the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated for gender discrimination. MiAKA, or Men interested in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, was unofficially founded a few years ago at Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M University. Members mimic the sorority’s signature rituals. AKA, the oldest sorority founded by African-American women at Howard University in 1908, has established itself as a well-known international service organization. Famous women who are members of the sorority include Wanda Sykes, Star Jones and Toni Morrison. Though the sorority was created for black women, it does not discriminate against other women. There are over 100 women who have been recognized for their outstanding achievement as honorary members, including Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt. The conservative activist website notes Alpha Kappa Alpha is a legacy of sisterhood. It has barred men -- gay or straight -- to join its sisterhood, just as fraternities bar all women from joining their brotherhood. The National Pan-Hellenic Council includes nine Black Greek letter organizations known collectively as the “Divine 9”, five of which are fraternities. MiAKA has its options of joining these brotherhoods with similar values and principles such as Alpha Phi Alpha founded in 1906, Kappa Alpha Psi founded in 1911, Omega Psi Phi founded in 1911, Phi Beta Sigma founded in 1914, or Iota Phi Theta founded in 1963.