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No need for great speeches, just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
Michael Maroy - Award Winning Filmmaker



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Kevin Hart on Sway Radio Show. Very Motivating.


T.D. Jakes on Three Types of Friends… Must Watch. Deep.


Ernistine Yvette Johnson brilliantly performs "The Average Black Girl"

This young lady is a friend of mine I met in Las Vegas. Her name is @Ernitste Yvette Johnson Not to long ago she left Vegas and quit her job and now she is on the Arsenio Hall show living out her dreams! I can not express how motivating and inspiring this is for me to see someone literally chase their dreams and fulfill them. Her spoken word is not only impressive, accurate and honest but should be heard, recited and memorized by every young black woman in every class room in America in my opinion. I would like to give this woman a standing ovation for so many reasons because through her it motivates and encourages others to live out their dreams. Bravo Ms. Johnson! Click link.


Media Appreciation Awards with Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy

The Media Appreciation Awards of Los Angeles that is also a birthday celebration for fashion Designer Eugene Sidney is hosted by Sweet Dreams Entertainment Annually and brings out a colorful collection of Los Angeles talent in recognition for their contribution in the media. This event has been coined "the Oscars of Melrose" and it has become a very prestigious award to receive. Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy was awarded an extra special honorary award for his achievements as an independent filmmaker from the founders of the event because they feel he has shown exceptional valor in his personal journey as an independent filmmaker with out the help of Hollywood in creating his documentary series Too Real For TV.


Just a thought as I awoke in L.A...

As I awoke in my hotel suite and looked outside my window and seen the famous LAX airport sign in front of the world famous Los Angeles airport and grabbed my award to admire it and be grateful once again I could not help but think how far I have come. Literally I am from the other side of the map and to be recognized over here at an event they call the "The Oscars of Melrose" is pretty cool. But Im ready to work even more. I want that Emmy. I am going to get one. She will come home with me one day. But as I watch all the cars drop people off and planes take off into the sky I cant help but think of how the endless possibilities of success out there that awaits all of us. We all want to win the lottery and be rich and provide for our loved ones and have a comfortable existence. We all want that. But how many of us actually get up and actually go even buy a lottery ticket? Millions of people will say "boy I wish I would have won that lottery for 300 million" but didn't even go simply buy the $1 ticket. Thats exactly how life is. You have to be in it to win it. You know exactly what is going to happen living the current life you live now. You know exactly how things are suppose to go and we all love security. Nobody really enjoys change I know and understand. But you must understand nothing is constant but change. And as the good minister said at my mothers funeral that I will never forget "there is nothing wrong with moving on as long as you moving on to a better place." The world awaits you beyond your eye sight my brothers and sisters. Go get your lottery ticket right now. There is a air port, train stop or bus station waiting for you right now.


Stop! Do what you want to. (Must watch.)