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No need for great speeches, just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
Michael Maroy - Award Winning Filmmaker

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Floyd Mayweather looks like he reads just fine to me.


Thisis50 music review with Comedian Mike P (Silky Slim reviiew PGO)


Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy 1 minute reel.


Lebron James returns to play ball in Cleveland for Cavs.

LeBron James returning back to Cleveland only proves one thing. A man can have all the money fame and cars in the world but it means nothing without love. That man has spent many sleepless nights feeling incomplete about finally becoming the worlds greatest basketball player but at the same time despised by so many. That's deep when you think about it. He kept his chin up the whole time and talked the talk about "he not worried about nothing" and it sound good and he made it look good with 2 rings. But at the end of the day he want the same love and admiration they give a Michael Jordan or a Muhammad Ali. Its like being one of the big famous rappers but you cant go anywhere without people taking your chain or extorting you in your own neighborhood. That's not cool. That is what turns a person into a modern day villain. We call them haters now days. That is what every hater comes from, a situation where they are not embraced or tolerated they cant be a part of the club so they just hate the club and want to burn down the club house. That's why I label myself a King of Hearts. Crown me with your love baby! Lebron going back to Cleveland is therapeutic for that young man. Im happy for him. Hopefully he can make history and get Cleveland a Championship ring and live happily ever after. Im still a fan... On another note this was a very slick move by Lebron James because the Cavs got first round draft pick Andrew Wiggins then the Cavs turns around and get the NBA's number one player. Sound like a formula for a championship for Cleveland to me.

Mac Dre & Kilo Curt from the Ground Up.


What Filmmakers need to know about financing their movies by Spike Lee