12 of the biggest American Human Trafficking Cases convicting blacks. So you want to be a Pimp huh?

                   So you want to be a pimp huh? Well the days of making felony money off a misdemeanor crime is long over with. Now days Pimping is considered human trafficking. What is human trafficking you may ask? Human Trafficking plain and simple is modern day slavery by force, fraud, coercion or manipulation for the purpose of exploiting the vulnerable to gain free labor. And the war on human trafficking is fought by Homeland security, along with local , state and federal authorities, including the fbi. Currently the American mainstream media has made the black man the face of modern day human trafficking, making him public enemy number one. Therefor the current punishments for human trafficking has been far more severe than any other crime to date. In 2017 You can literally get less time for murder than you can for human trafficking. Let that digest for a minute. Now do you still want to be a pimp? If so,  I have compiled a list of the outcomes for some guys who chose the same career path. These are just 10 examples of 10 pimps convicted on pimping and human trafficking over the past 10 years. This list is #TooRealForTV by Michael Maroy

     When police searched the suburban Chula Vista home of Darren Hilton in February 2006, they found training books and videotapes on how to become a pimp. His desire to be a pimp, snatching young girls and forcing them into prostitution, landed this Chula Vista man a prison sentence that likely will keep him behind bars for the rest of his life. In February 2008 28 year old, Darren Hilton, was sentenced to 77 years and four months to life in prison for sexually assaulting four teenagers  he had targeted to work for him on the streets. Two girls ages 14 and 16 acted like they were going to work and escaped when he took them to work  in National city and contacted the police. 

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       In 2008 a 34 year old Arizona man named Mark Anthony Howard aka “LayLow”  was sentenced to 139 years in prison for pimping young girls. According to court records Howard kept at least 5 girls, two of them younger than 15 whom he tattooed with his street name “Laylow.” Not a good idea. He made so much money from the girls he bought a half million dollar home in Laveen and several motor vehicles. He was found guilty of 30 counts of various felonies.

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       In April 2012 a young woman took the stand to testify against a man who forced her to become a prostitute at the age of 12. She explained to the judge how it felt to have Datqunn Sawyer aka P-Child take brutal and complete control of her , brand her with a tattoo and force her to walk a track as a child prostitute. After her testimony the dramatic three hour sentencing culminated with a stunning punishment —- 50 years in federal prison, believed to be the toughest ever handed down to a convicted sex trafficker in Chicago’s federal court history.  ‘No culture…worth emulation would tolerate this” US District Judge Charles Kocoras said. “We don’t let you do this to our children.”  

Datqunn Sawyer

In April 2012 a 45 year old man named Derrick Avery who gained fame in movies and television as “Pimp Snooky,” was sentenced to 20 years in prison in federal court in Milwaukee.. Snooky prostituted scores of women and girls in cities from Milwaukee to Las Vegas for at least 16 years, according to federal prosecutors. He pleaded guilty in November to two felonies: including sex trafficking of a child by use of force, fraud and coercion. The prosecutor stated Snookys case was “by far the most horrific, the most brutal” of the seven prosecuted by the U.S. attorney’s office in recent years. Avery assaulted the women by “beating them with his fists, wooden and metal brooms, pool cues, pans, chairs and leather belts; slapping them in the face methodically back and forth with his rings facing inward; stomping and kicking them with his alligator shoes; (and) placing a phone book on their backs and striking it with a baseball bat,” prosecutrs said, citing Avery’s plea agreement. In one case Avery beat the girl when she told him she did not want to move to Las Vegas. He made a phone call and offered someone $2,800 to kill her father. He beat her with several items, including a wooden broomstick, which broke.  Girls that worked for Snooky were as young as 14 years old. 

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In Nov 2012 in the Sin City of Las Vegas Judge Michael Villani sentenced Ocean Fleming aka “O” to Life in Prison for first degree kidnapping, one of 23 counts a jury convicted him on. The life sentence will begin after Fleming serves at least 10 years behind bars for other counts, such as pandering, coercion with force and assault with a deadly weapon.  “You need to blame yourself,” Judge Villani told Fleming. “Your arrogance got you in the mess. You preyed upon women with low self esteem ; you manipulated them.”  Part of Flemings convictions was contributed to online messages retrieved off Facebook between Ocean and the victims. And a phone call made by a victim to the police was recording during a violent confrontation between  Fleming and the screaming victim. None of the victims in Flemings case were underage and he still received a life sentence. 


In 2011 a 48 year old Raymond Sharp aka “R.C”  was arrested after an incident in which a partially nude woman was seen looking for help fleeing from Sharp’s home. After contacting Shrap police found the woman was one of a number of prostitutes being pandered by sharp. Police arrested Sharp on charges including living with a prostitute , first degree kidnapping and domestic battery amongst other charges. none of the women were underage. Sharp was ultimately convicted of 19 counts and sentenced  to 3 life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole. Metro Police said the convictions and sentences should send a clear message to pimps in southern Nevada…  WHOA!…Now if that was not enough Later on Raymond Sharp was entered in the history books for being the first Pimp in Nevada history to be sued by a former prostitute and she won a 4.1 million dollar judgement. 

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In July of 2013 law enforcement arrested a 26 year old dallas man Taurean Jackson aka “Marvelous Rich” in louisiana for human trafficking a 16 year old girl.  Marvelous Rich,” was arrested in a Louisiana hotel by undercover officers with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department after they responded to an online ad. Records show Jackson beat the victim with an extension cord and threatened her if she tried to leave him. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 22 year in federal prison.


In May of 2015, 34 year old Las Vegas man Lenny Paul Haskins aka “2 Much” pleaded guilty to prostituting teenage girls in Reston, Herndon and other parts of Northern Virginia, and was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison. Authorities said in June 2014, Haskins encountered two teens at a hotel near Sacramento, Calif. The girls, ages 15 and 17, were runaways from foster care. Haskins provided marijuana and eventually recruited them to prostitute for him. Once he recruited them, Haskins performed sex acts with the victims, officials said. In August 2014, Haskins instructed the victims to take a bus to Herndon for the purposes of being prostituted there. Haskins arranged for advertisements to be posted on the Internet site www.Backpage.com to obtain sex customers for the juveniles to make him money. 


     In May 2016 Andre Antonio Adams, age 33 aka “Chicago” was sentenced to a devastating 330 years in Arizona Prison. Damn! Adams caused two 15 year old girls to engage in prostitution. Detectives assigned to the greater Phoenix area Human Trafficking Task Force became aware of the two female victims in the case through advertisements posted on Backpage.com.  After contacting the girls, investigators learned the two were 15 years old and listed as runaways. When interviewed, the girls stated they were working as prostitutes for a pimp known as “Chicago” who knew both of their ages, because they told him. “Chicago” rented hotel rooms for them to have sex with men for money and he promised them protection and marijuana. The two victims identified “Chicago” in a photo line. 


In March of 2016 a brave young girl at the age of 16 took the stand to testify against a man that held her captive as a 15 year old runaway. He charged a string of men money to have sex with her. He bragged about her like a trophy and kept he high on heroin while a parade of men came to his home to have sex with her for money. The 54 year old east Waco, Texas Pimp named Andre Renor Evans received his punishment of 12 life sentences….blank stare….


In April 2016 Laron Carter, also known as “Pimping Birdd”, 39 years old, was found guilty by a federal jury in Los Angeles. Following a five-day trial, the jury convicted Carter of seven counts of sex trafficking of a minor by force, fraud or coercion, and seven counts of transporting a child to engage in prostitution. “The evidence at trial showed that Mr. Carter bragged about being a ‘pimp,’ and that he forced girls through violence and coercion to sell their bodies for his profit,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. Decker.  One of his victim was only 13 years old. Pimping Birdd was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison. 

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Although I have stated the black man has become the face of human trafficking please Don’t believe that human trafficking laws discriminates against race. In August of 2016 a Greeley / Denver man was convicted of Human trafficking and pimping several underage girls among other felonies. 33 year old Paul Burman aka “Haylo” was convicted on 32 criminal counts including pimping adults and one girl as young as 15 years old. “Haylo” was sentenced to 248 years to life in prison. The largest human trafficking Sentence in Colorado history. Unknown-1

SO after viewing that do you still have the heart to jump start your pimping? I hope I scared you straight. Now please be a good samaritan and share this with everyone you know including a few strangers. And if you know anyone doing anything with an underage child please be a real friend and tell him to send that kid home and go get a job or try a legal hustle.    You can help save a mans life before its too late. Trust me on that one I have saved a few.  And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more educational videos packed with news you can use that are #TooRealForTV like my Short films, Exclusive interviews, and Public service announcements that just may save your life. www.Youtube.com/TooRealForTV Also hit the bell next to the subscribe to get notified when I am doing my live podcast. Im also availabe for speaking engagements on topics like this that are #TooRealForTV. From corporate board rooms and college campus to a kids classroom or a personal one one.  Lets work together to save some lives. “:Consider me the OG your OG should be.”  Thank me by visiting my website and purchasing all my films on DVD and digital download for instant viewing and grabbing some fresh TooReal For TV apparel and merchandise.  Hoodies, Backpacks, skateboards we fully loaded loved one. www.TooRealForTV.com/Store  And a generous donation is truly appreciated and always welcome on my channel and go fund me page so I can keep doing my job. Gofund.com/TooRealForTV love you all. Be cool and careful.  

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