19 People Shot During Chicago’s Deadliest Day In Over 10 Years

A 10-year-old boy was shot and nearly killed on Monday, in one of the most violent days Chicago has seen in the last fifteen years.


Tavon Tanner was shot while playing outside with his sister when he was hit by a stray bullet in his lower back, according to the Chicago Tribune. He immediately collapsed to the floor and struggled to catch his breath while paramedics arrived on the scene. He was taken to the hospital where the medical team removed his spleen and other organs. The bullet is apparently still lodged in his chest, and he is in critical condition. The boy’s mother said he kept yelling “I can’t breathe” and was banging his fists against the wall.

Tanner is one of nineteen people shot within one day in Chicago. Out of the nineteen victims, nine died. The rampant gun violence in the city has already led to 2500 people being hit by a bullet this year alone. There are no suspects in the shooting of Tanner at this time.



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