1st of the year state of #TooRealForTV address. (Who should i interview next?)

    I have been really enjoying the positive feedback back from my #wherearetheynow videos on  my #TooRealForTV  YouTube channel, please subscribe,  so much that I want to change the direction of my daily blog/vlog. I would still like to include daily #NewsYouCanUse but I have come to the conclusion it does not matter if people know wrong from right if a situation permits itself to be beneficial for that individual he or she will still sadly take advantage of that opportunity. I personally would like to spread positive enlightenment and report on great achievements and progress of people to motivate achievement and inspire others.


        A friend of mine just bought a new car strictly from his own new business. That’s a great feeling. Stories like that motivate others about possibilities. Unless your a hater. But I have never catered to haters so that is not my demographic. So for everyone that sends me news stories to blog & vlog about please switch gears and send me cool stories that will uplift and motivate. I know bad news travels faster but I want to be the catalyst of change for 2017.

         Truth be told their are more black men in college than their are in prison. But the mass media will perpetuate the opposite, creating a picture of a dismal existence of our people. I pay attention to the inner workings of the mass media daily and everything positive about our people is simply dismissed. Look at the conscious community. The year ended with highlights of prominent guys like #TariqNasheed and #TommySotomayor beefing at vladtv studios over nothing that wound up getting both removed from the #VladTV platform of a million and a half subscribers. And brother #DrUmarJohnson and #BrotherSeti literally in a all out battle cursing each other out like battling rappers. These are highly educted men. These are the light towers of the culture. Still human indeed so granted they are allowed to make mistakes. However we can do better. We all need to be more calculated in our are attempts to cultivate the minds of our people.

       There are people out dealing with real life issues that are so much larger than the miscellaneous bickering we deal with amongst each other personally. I’m speaking regionally, nationally and globally. I look forward to being more positive and productive member of society in 2017 than ever before. And I look forward to working with new fascinating people with a story to tell. I would like to build on my resume by doing interviews with all those brothers I have mention and more if they will permit me. History is told by the Victor. We need our own reliable database of information untampered with by any one for the future to look to for reference of our history. Surely we are more than silly disgruntle shoot outs, rap battles and unfaithful women. If you have any suggestions on who I should do an exclusive interview with or someone with a fascinating story I should do a documentary film abput please email me personally. I hope you all have a positive and productive New Year. Be cool, and be careful.


Michael Maroy 

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