90 Pounds of Cocaine discovered on a boat owned by the family of Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate

Mitch McConnell is the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate. McConnell fast-tracked the PROMESA bill through the Senate. He made sure that a minimum wage cut to $4.25, and the installation of a powerful Financial Control Board, went through quickly – with virtually no debate and no amendment.

It is therefore ironic, that Mitch McConnell has been linked to the distribution and sale of 90 pounds of cocaine.


A boat was recently detained before leaving from Colombia.

During the search, the Colombian Coast Guard discovered 90 pounds of cocaine, in forty neat packets.

The vessel’s is named Ping May – one of sixteen ships operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation (FMC).


FMC is owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

But the Chaos are more than family: they also make huge donations to McConnell’s political campaigns.

For almost 30 years, since the late ‘80s, the Chao family has bankrolled Senator Mitch McConnell. When McConnell married Elaine Chao, in 1993, the Chao family lavished him with enormous gifts.

In 2008, a gift from the Chao family of between 5 and 25 million dollars made McConnell one of the richest politicians in the nation (congressional financial disclosure reports only require dollar ranges…McConnell reported a gift of “between 5 and 25 million dollars on his 2008 report).

Shockingly, McConnell is an alleged “anti-drug warrior.” He sponsored the 1996 “Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act,” which would increase the mandatory minimum sentencing for people caught with marijuana. He also firmly opposes any form of legalized marijuana.

In other words, McConnell’s family have been financing his Senate campaigns with their cocaine drug profits…so that McConnell can go to Washington, to wage a “war on drugs.”



This same hypocrisy exists in the Puerto Rico shipping industry. Just like Washington, D.C., it isalsoteeming with corruption.

Between 2008 and 2013, six shipping executives with major responsibilities in the Puerto Rico shipping industry were sentenced to federal prison. They committed multiple felonies: conspiring to fix shipping rates, and allocating cargoes amongst the three companies which employed them.

Also, the largest shipping companies – Crowley, Sea Star, and Horizon Lines – were all found as co-conspirators who “conspired to fix and maintain rates for Puerto Rico freight services, to share freight customers between and amongst themselves, and to rig bids submitted to customers of Puerto Rico freight services.”




In addition to these jailed executives, the three carriers – Sea Star, Crowley, and Horizon – all pleaded guilty to violating the Sherman Antitrust Act in numerous other areas during 2011 and 2012, and were fined a total of 46.2 million dollars.

The Jones Act protects these companies – even though they are breaking the law, and strangling the economy of Puerto Rico.


Every Puerto Rican pays higher prices for the goods that these “Jones Act criminals” ship into the island. Then, after paying an artificially rigged price, the people of Puerto Rico now pay anadditional11.5% sales tax, on the already inflated consumer goods! For this reason the cost of living is higher in Puerto Rico, than in any state in the U.S.

The Jones Act is a corrupt law.

The Jones Act shipping companies are also corrupt.

The New York Times called for terminating the Jones Act. Even the International Monetary Fund economists, who drafted the infamous Krueger Report agreed. It is immoral, illegal, and fatal for Puerto Rico to be denied the right to its own shipping industry.

The Jones Act is the new Vieques.  We must end it RIGHT AWAY.


Meanwhile Mitch McConnell continues in Washington…

The most powerful man in the U.S. Senate is fighting a “war on drugs,” while his family sells cocaine to keep him in office.

He sends a Financial Control Board down to Puerto Rico, which is authorized to receive “gifts” of any kind: money, real estate, jewelry, yachts, lavish vacations. They can accept these “gifts” from anybody – including from the people who have business before the Board.

In other words, the PROMESA bill that was fast-tracked by Mitch McConnell, contains an open invitation to bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering.

This is the “fiscal integrity” that we get from a Cocaine Senator.

This is the “law and order” that Puerto Rico is supposed to respect.




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