A sincere apology from Gorgeous Dre. (Must watch)

This is a very sincere heart felt  video from  Andre Taylor. Taylor better known as “Gorgeous Dre” was one of the stars of the Documentary Film by the Hughes Brothers “American Pimp.” In this youtube video that he simply  titled “I Apologize!” is the very eloquent Taylor giving a break down of his part in glamorizing the lifestyle known as the game. Not many can illustrate such a clear picture with their words like Andre Taylor so I am glad he did it. And he gives an explanation on why he chose to walk away from the game. Think about it, Gorgeous Dre is still fully capable to participate in the game and compete with the best but he made a choice to do something different with his life not simply for himself but plant seeds for others. Would you like to know what it was that motivated him? Would you like to know why he is apologizing? Watch the video. I hope you learn from it and most importantly I hope you accept his apology.  If you have youtube be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe to his channel  Gorgeous Dre Youtube for some positive #NewsYouCanUse.  

Below is a short Film by Michael Maroy on Human Trafficking that will further support much of what Andre Taylor said in his video. Also a must watch. Before you start Pimping, watch this film.  Also be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel  https://www.youtube.com/TooRealForTV for a daily dose of #NewsYouCanUse that is #TooRealForTV 


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    26 May 2017

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