American Underworld – The Sex Trade

     Amazing to me that when the white man does the exact same thing I do as a filmmaker I am prosecuted by my own people. Only people to say anything bad about what I do is another black man. But when a white man invades our culture, film it and put it out he is praised and awarded. Culture vultures are always welcome in the black communities around the country.  #facts Never once have I ever heard anyone say anything negative about this man work. Never. And people have been arrested after his films but he was never the blame. Matter of a fact there have been arrest of men from every film ever put out about the game after appearing on film yet my own people hate on me. Why? They really jealous and envious. Hate to see their own excel.  And truth be told my films are 100 times better. Available now on DVD and Digital Download for instant viewing @ 


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