An 18-year-old local Portland rapper who goes by the name “Jay Wy” Accuse of Pimpin

The FBI says two Portland men, acting as pimps, coerced two underage Oregon girls and drove them to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to engage in prostitution.

A complaint was filed in the Las Vegas federal court yesterday accusing Johnny Hudson—an 18-year-old local rapper who goes by the name “Jay Wy”—and Anthony Lewis, 19, of one count of coercion and enticement and one count of transportation of minors.

In January, the pair picked up two girls, 16 and 17, who ran away from Klamath Falls where they had been in “the custody of the Oregon Department of Human Services.”

According to the complaint, the bust started when a Portland police sergeant called Las Vegas cops on Jan. 27 “regarding a 16 year old juvenile” showing up in ads on the notorious internet prostitution hub, The same number used in the Portland ads was now being used in Las Vegas, he told the LVPD (according to a Google search of the number listed in the complaint, ads were posted in Salem, too). That same evening, an undercover LVPD detective

responded to the ad, set up a time at the Motel 6 where she was staying, and then arrested her for prostitution.

When the girl was booked in Las Vegas, it showed she “was listed through the National Crime Information Center system as a missing juvenile from Klamath Falls, Oregon.”

The subsequent FBI/LVPD investigation revealed that Hudson/Jay Wy directed the 16-year-old to perform oral sex without condoms as a “test” and that “she felt she had to make the money because HUDSON became abuse towards her by hitting her.”

Hudson and Lewis “encouraged her to work as a prostitute by telling her she would be able to buy her own car and when she returned to Oregon she would be able to get her own place. However, HUDSON and LEWIS used portions of the money for the hotel bills and for vehicle services.” They made the girls give them all the money they earned, it says, including a $100 “choose up fee,” which the feds say is “a fee a prostitute pays for choosing to work for a specific person/pimp.”

Investigators were able to corroborate evidence against Hudson and Lewis—security cameras, hotel records, ads—by checking their social media accounts. A warrant for their arrest was dated April 8 and the complaint was filed in the Las Vegas federal court yesterday.

According to Multnomah County jail records, the two were arrested by Portland police on April 19. Lewis was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a loaded firearm. Hudson was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

Hudson/Jay Wy performed at the Hawthorne Theater last year and was featured in an interview published on

Here’s a video he put out last year:



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