Ohio Quadruplets All Going to Yale After Being Accepted to Top Schools

    Duke, Georgetown, Stanford, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, Harvard; these were some of the universities that brothers Nick, Nigel, Zach and Aaron Wade of Liberty Township, Ohio, learned they had been accepted to, prior to making their selection on Monday, May 1. The 18-year-old quadruplet bunch, who have been together since the womb, had […]

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Former Porn Star Claims Drake Got Her Pregnant

Sophie Brussaux, a former porn star, claims she’s pregnant with Drake’s child and has text messages to back it up. But Drake has denied the allegations. The text messages purportedly are of Drake asking her to get an abortion. Brussaux says she’s three and a half months pregnant; she says she became pregnant in late […]

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Does marriage work in 2017? SMh read his story.

A Hollywood man beat his wife to death with a pipe wrench while their four children were home after learning she was pregnant with another man’s baby, police said. Claude Sejour, 48, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of premeditated homicide in the killing of 40-year-old Marie Carmel Joseph, Hollywood Police said.   Authorities said […]

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Alleged Houston pimp sentenced to 30 years

– An alleged Houston pimp was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Monday for forcing a 17-year-old runaway into prostitution.  According to the Harris County District Attorneys’ Office, 44-year-old Ronald Block who was known as “Gorgeous Black” pleaded guilty to the charge for compelling prostitution. The victim was among four prostitutes that Block was […]

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Police say man beat woman who said no to prostitution

A man was arrested Monday on suspicion of holding a woman hostage in Las Vegas and beating her after she said she wouldn’t become a prostitute, arrest records show. Terrell Brown, 29, had pursued a romantic relationship with the woman for several months before demanding that she become a sex worker and give him the […]

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Guy in Court for Traffic Ticket Ends Up Behind Bars After Cocaine Falls Out of His Hat [VIDEO]

Let this be your daily reminder to clean your hat, your pockets, etc., if you’re going into a courtroom. Lemar Reed is a 39-year-old Ohio man who stopped by Cleveland’s Lorain Municipal Court last week to enter a plea on a minor traffic violation. While he was speaking to the judge, he accidentally dropped a […]

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Miami Woman Arrested for Dating Men then Robb them for Jewelry.

The latest “Florida Woman…” headline comes courtesy of 21-year-old Yomna Fouad, who was arrested Saturday for her alleged involvement in a series of date-related robberies. Fouad is being accused of drugging and robbing multiple men she met across several states during casual dating encounters. “We had a couple of drinks, we went upstairs, she started […]

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[Shocking Video] Shows Young Boy’s Mom Pull Gun On “Slow” Barber

Everyone knows it: a trip to the barber shop should take less time than it does. But it’s never worth getting weapons involved to speed up the process.   Unfortunately, that’s what reportedly happened in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. Police in the Ohio city are trying to identify a woman they believe pulled […]

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Uber to Test Flying Cars by 2020

A Dutch company that recently ran a successful test trial for a flying vehicle it manufactures, has already linked up with an electric vehicle charging station maker in the U.S., and Uber has been paying close attention, as it rolls out plans to bring a vertical takeoff and landing [VTOL] aircraft to customers as early […]

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Toxicology Reports Reveal Aaron Hernandez Was Not on Drugs

The results of toxicology tests done on Aaron Hernandez’s corpse disprove allegations which posed that he was high on K2 during the time of his death. On April 19, Hernandez was found hanged in his cell at Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Mass. In the hours and days that followed, a lot of information […]

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