Big WY- #SaveBigWY “Save A Life” Documentary Trailer (as seen on #TooRealForTV)

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Big Wy he is a member of the LA rap duo the Relatives. A highly respected rapper on the west coast. He was also featured on the film Cross Country Pimping as respected guy from the streets. So a documentary film about his health titled #SaveBigWY really hits home to me for several reasons. Not only is he a cool guy but I have also been diagnosed with #Type2Diabetes.

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So many of the struggles he is going through I can totally relate to. ANd I have a documentary film coming soon to tell my story titled #EatNowDieLater. But I really appreciate Big WY for telling his story because Diabetes is killing black men at an alarming rate and awareness can help save a life. Everything a man does he wants to portray strength. So for a very strong man like Big Wy to show his vulnerable side in a film it allows others to learn about this deadly disorder called #Diabetes. High Blood pressure and Diabetes is killing black men at an alarming rate. And awareness is the key. We are all at risk. Sad to say Including myself. So I am very grateful for Big Wy telling his story about this deadly disease. I want everyone to watch this and learn about the foods their eating and be cautious about their health. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I want to wish Big WY great health, immense wealth and love and knowledge of success. I want everybody to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Go support this film and lets “Save a Life.”

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