Birth of a Nation

A plethora of white men have been recently CONVICTED of rape but escape jail time and in some cases won’t even have to register as a sex offenders.

In one case the judge said a 19 yo shouldn’t serve time bc it’ll destroy is life. He went on to support the idea that 17-19 are ages where we all do dumb stuff. Guess what? NATE PARKER WAS 19. AND ACQUITTED! So all these feminists (a lot of whom are reformed hoes who got too drunk several times) and SIMPS can suck or kiss (their choice) a diseased orafice. Especially the Black ones.

Y’all sistas’ anger for what may have happened to you is misdirected. Mr. Parker doesn’t represent your opportunity to get justice.

Irony: Birth of a Nation was originally a novel written by KKK sympathizer or member later made into one of the first movies never produced. The plot: After slavery ended Blacks enjoyed freedoms and prosperity. This was a threat to white men who then justified the destruction of black towns and lynching by accusing black men of raping white women. Did y’all dumbasses know this? I’m sure most of you did not. In addition, the original film led to whites destroying black towns and lynching black men. Its very purpose. Fast forward, Mr. Parker is an acclaimed actor and film maker who has films depicting black people, in particular black men, in positive light. The Great Debators and Red Tails. He was accused of raping a white woman. He’s also married to a white woman.

Sadly, the story of Nat Turner, whose story isn’t widely know, will potentially get lost in this manufactured controversy. Which is the whole point of this bullshit.

Lastly, if you’re still in business of boycotting based on past deed, guilty or not, then every brand that graces your body should be included in the boycott. Every material used to construct your homess, funiture and vehicles, the very currency which includes the faces of the biggest rapists, pedophiles, and murderers should be included. I’m feeling like Lot lately.

You don’t like injustices, fight the system. Not individuals who are occasionally served up for your public lynching pleasures.

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