Robert Godwin GoFundMe Account Will Support His Family

A GoFundMe account that was set up in memory of Robert Godwin Sr., the 74-year-old Cleveland man whose murder was posted on Facebook by Steve ‘Stevie Steve’ Stephens, has raised over $31,000 that will go into the family’s bank account. Although the family and police told people not to donate to any GoFundMe account earlier Monday, […]

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Robert “Pimpsy” Banks III….update 2017

A North Park gang member was sentenced Friday for his involvement in a racketeering conspiracy, according to the San Diego District Attorney’s (DA) Office. The racketeering involved sex trafficking of minors, robbery and drug sales, according to the DA. Robert “Pimpsy” Banks III, was sentenced to 85 months in prison and three years of supervised release.  […]

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Man admits promoting prostitution

AFAYETTE, Ind. — Cornelius Maurice Thompson recruited women to be hookers in Lafayette, then drove them to their appointments and took a percentage of the women’s earnings, which makes him guilty of promoting prostitution Thompson, 34, pleaded guilty to that charge, as well as being an habitual offender, invasion of privacy and being an habitual traffic violator, according […]

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Teen Accidentally Kills Himself as Friends Watch on Instagram Live

Technology can bring us all together, but that’s not always necessarily a good thing. A teenager filming himself on Instagram Live recently became the center of a tragedy, when a gun he was holding went off and killed him as friends watched his feed. Malachi Hemphill, a 13-year-old from Georgia, was showing off a handgun to […]

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Nigerian Police Received Anonymous Tip, Found $43 Million In An Upscale Apartment

Nigerian police this week found $43 million in an upscale apartment in Nigeria. You read that correctly—$43 million. The discovery happened Tuesday after the Nigerian anti-corruption unit received a tip. A person said there was a “haggard” woman in “dirty clothes” who was taking bags in and out of the apartment, and it seemed suspicious. […]

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Cleveland Police Are Searching For This Man After He Streamed A Murder On Facebook Live

Cleveland police have confirmed a man is still on the loose after shooting another man and broadcasting it on Facebook Live. Steve Stephens claims that the random killing was just one of 15 people he claims to have killed. He’s currently driving a white Ford Focus with temporary tags. The one confirmed murder happened after […]

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Check out this music video by Montana Feat J-Diggs “Race Horse”

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Strip Club Kingpin Pleads Guilty To Promoting Prostitution

A 75-year-old man who authorities say promoted prostitution at his Portland strip clubs has pleaded guilty to federal charges, but is expected to be out of prison by the end of the month. Lawrence Owen pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service and conspiring to use an interstate facility to promote […]

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Prostitution busts stem from website barred from posting sex ads

  DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. — A massive prostitution sting in Delaware County resulted in the arrests of five women in one night. Deputies found them on a website that’s supposed to be barred from posting sex ads.’s adult services section was shut down, but prostitutes and pimps are finding ways around the rules and […]

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A Man who said he was a teen’s ride-share driver is sentenced to Ten years in Prison

A man who brought a 17-year-old girl to a prostitution date at a Lakewood fast-food restaurant has been sentenced to a decade in prison. Pierce County Superior Court Judge Shelly Speir gave 42-year-old Terence Hopwood the midrange term Friday, after a jury convicted him last month of promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor and […]

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