Breaking News: Las Vegas D.A’s office removes itself from Fleming & Sharp Pimp cases. (Video)

Yesterday, on Thursday May 31st, 2017 in a Las Vegas courtroom major new developments were unveiled related to an FBI investigation into police corruption. The Clark County District Attorney’s Office is voluntarily removing itself from cases involving two men serving life terms. Ocean Fleming, serving a 16 to life and Raymond Sharp serving 3 to 13 life sentences. The appeals that were previously being stopped by the DA office in the past will now be able to move forward with them out of the way. 

What happened at the courthouse Thursday is a huge development in the scandal first revealed last November. Since 2014, the FBI has been investigating possible corruption and sexual misconduct by at least one and as many as four Metro detectives, as well as possible conflicts of interest by the DA’s office. The officer in question being investigated by the FBI is former Las Vegas super cop Chris Baughman.
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For months The prosecutors office have complained that this is nothing but a conspiracy theory made up by the I-Team a local news station. But on Thursday, the DA took a much different position.

Now what made the DA’s office change their position to protect officers in Question??? I am very very proud to say, it was because of an exclusive phone call between Ocean Fleming and Filmmaker & Podcaster Michael Maroy that aired on “Too Real For TV” that can be viewed below. The I-team heard the interview with what may sound like a rant by Ocean Fleming and included it in their broadcast. But the conversation brought light to  his case exposing crooked cops, prosecutors and one of Oceans long time friends Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid and how they were all intricately connected. “It’s way bigger than Chris Baughman. There’s other individuals who haven’t been named,” said convicted Pimp Ocean Flemming in the exclusive interview with Too Real For TV. These allegations by Ocean Fleming were also made by Raymond Sharp who has provided text messages to the court that Officer Chris Baughman had a romantic relationship with a prostitute who testified in his case. As a filmmaker this makes me extremely proud to be a catalyst that may help these brothers give these extremely long prison sentences back and get another chance at freedom. This has always been a dream of mine to make films that would show injustice and possibly help prevent brothers from doing these ridiculously long prison sentences.  

The allegations by both men were given little credibility during their original trials, but have gained new traction since the I-Team revealed that the FBI is investigating Baughman, and possibly, other detectives as well.

Thursday morning, district court Judge Michael Villani said that a special prosecutor will be appointed in Ocean Fleming’s appeal in response to this motion, in which the DA’s office recused itself from the Fleming case. 

There’s more. A nearly identical motion has also been filed in the appeal of Raymond Sharpe. Defense attorneys had argued that the DA should be removed because Deputy District Attorney Liz Mercer, who was not only the lead prosecutor against Fleming and Sharpe, but likewise had a romantic relationship with Detective Baughman and is now married to him. But as I stated on my podcast Chris Baughman may have simply married District Attorney Liz Mercer because it can protect him due to laws that state a wife can not testify against her husband in court. (The video is seen below.)

Raymond Sharpe’s attorney explained the tangled web and what it means.”The lead witness and the lead prosecutor were sleeping with the married detective who was the primary source of evidence, as gained through the warrant, taints the entire procedure so much that prejudice should be assumed,” said Jonathan MacArthur, defense attorney.

But wait it gets worst. Raymond Sharpe aka  R.C. is highly motivated to not only give his Life sentences back but Sharpe is the first man ever to be convicted as a Pimp and get sued by his former prostitute & long time friend of 17 years Alisha Grundy resulting in a 4.1 million dollar settlement. (The video of the podcast below.)

I must admit the I-Team has been doing an excellent job in investigating this case. And I find it extremely noble of George Knapp and the I-team to help expose these crooked cops that has been a huge part in getting Ocean Fleming and Raymond Sharp justice. I admire anyone for taking the righteous side of justice regardless if they like, dislike, agree or disagree with the lifestyles of the convicted individuals. I for one can salute that. (Video Below of latest I team report.)

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