Egypt unearths 8 mummies in 3,500-year-old tombs [ check out the photos]

Egyptian officials unearthed eight mummies, 10 colorful sarcophagi and numerous figurines in 3,500-year-old tombs, the Ministry of Antiquities announced Tuesday. An Egyptian archaeological mission found the tombs in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near Luxor in southern Egypt. The main T-shaped tomb belonged to a city judge named Userhat and is typical of New Kingdom […]

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#MichaelEricDyson slays interview on #BreakfastClub. #Intelligence is the new cool.

The man said im 58 years old with a PHd from Princeton University and I been around and there is still a lot I did not know about black people…. That is some #NewsYouCanUse thats  #TooRealForTV  I personally love Dr.Michael Eric Dyson, and love to hear him speak. And to hear a man of his […]

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Kevin Hart’s bringing all the black history you never learned to a new History Channel show

The History Channel announced Friday that comedian and movie star Kevin Hart will produce and star in a two-hour special focused on little-known black historical figures. Kevin Hart Presents: The Black Man’s Guide to History, which is slated to air later this year, will open with Hart’s pre-teen daughter feeling distraught after watching the movie […]

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11 year old Carson Huey-You became the youngest-ever student at Texas Christian University

At the tender age of 11, Carson Huey-You likes video games, movies, wrestling with his younger brother – and quantum physics. He’s a pint-sized prodigy who just started his freshman year at Texas Christian University. He’s the youngest college undergrad in the school’s history.   “It’s very exciting,” the smiling youngster told NBC 5 News […]

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1st of the year state of #TooRealForTV address. (Who should i interview next?)

    I have been really enjoying the positive feedback back from my #wherearetheynow videos on  my #TooRealForTV  YouTube channel, please subscribe,  so much that I want to change the direction of my daily blog/vlog. I would still like to include daily #NewsYouCanUse but I have come to the conclusion it does not matter if […]

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Here’s what it was like to be Mansa Musa, thought to be the richest person in history     Mansa Musa, as depicted on a 1375 Catalan Atlas, one of the most important world maps of Medieval Europe.Wikimedia Commons   African King Musa Keita I is thought to be the richest person of all time […]

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