Muslim Teen Gets Into Stanford After Writing #BLM 100 Times on Application

  There is hope that with the right amount of activism, anything is possible as shown by an 18-year-old Muslim activist named Ziad Ahmed. The teenager was asked the question “What matters to you, and why?” on his Stanford University application. His response unexpectedly made more waves than he intended. In response to the question, […]

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Chrisette Michele Talks Why She Performed at Trump’s Inauguration & Reacts to Spike Lee’s Comments


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#MichaelEricDyson slays interview on #BreakfastClub. #Intelligence is the new cool.

The man said im 58 years old with a PHd from Princeton University and I been around and there is still a lot I did not know about black people…. That is some #NewsYouCanUse thats  #TooRealForTV  I personally love Dr.Michael Eric Dyson, and love to hear him speak. And to hear a man of his […]

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Wells Fargo Rejects Baltimore Teacher’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ Debit Card

Baltimore teacher Rachel Nash took to Facebook “feeling pissed off” after she submitted a design for a personalized Wells Fargo debit card, emblazoned with a raised fist and the words Black Lives Matter, only to have the bank reject the design. “Wells Fargo offers the opportunity to submit a custom debit card design. I created […]

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Breaking News:Media reports on Ivory P trying to connect him to murder of girl in Beaumont Hotel.

Well like clock work the local channel 12 news under the main stream media ABC umbrella is on their job like clock work. They do a report on Ivory P and they did exactly what I said in my last video. One they bring up his criminal history which is minor and charges were dismissed. […]

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Kanye West Hospitalized against his will. It is a conspiracy to silence and kill him. #PrayforYe Filmmaker Michael Maroy reports on main stream media conspiracy theories to kill an destroy black men like Kanye West, Bill Cosby and even innocent unarmed black men across the country. TIMELINE OF EVENTS Paris 3 Oct 2016, Kim Kardashian robbed, held at gunpoint in sophisticated attack. Months before this Trump on record as saying […]

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Breaking News:: “Ivory P” Pantallion from Cross Country Pimping shot & Killed by the Baytown Police.

Breaking News:: Ivory P from the cult Classic Cross Country Pimping Documentary Film series has been killed in a shoot out with Baytown Texas police. Our deepest condolences to his mother and loved ones. One of the more favorable characters of the Cross Country Pimping series he was adorned by fans everywhere. He will truly […]

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Justice? Officer Who Shot Philando Castile Charged With Manslaughter

Ramsey County prosecutors announced the Minnesota officer who killed Philando Castile has been charged second-degree manslaughter, reports the New York Times.  Officer Jeronimo Yanez was also charged with two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm, said attorney John J. Choi. “It is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by Officer Yanez […]

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Cop’s Wife Busted for Pinning Faked Burglary, Vandalism on Black Lives Matter Activists

  A Millbury, Mass. woman, the wife of a policeman, reported earlier this month that her house had been robbed of jewelry and cash, and that the burglars had spray-painted “BLM”—a likely reference to the Black Lives Matter movement—on the outside. The only problem with this timely story? It was all made up. Millbury police announced […]

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‘I Can’t Breathe’: Disturbing Video Shows Father Of Four Begging Guards For Help Before He Died In Jail

VIDEO FACEBOOK Michael Sabbie, 35, died in Bi State Jail, on the border between Texas and Arkansas, last year. “I can’t breathe.” Michael Sabbie ― a 35-year-old stay-at-home father of four ― said it after five guards piled on top of him inside the Bi State Jail, a facility that sits directly on the border […]

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