Las Vegas Doctor convicted for Drugin, Raping, and Kidnapping women [Video]

A jury on Monday convicted Binh “Ben” Chung, a Las Vegas doctor accused of drugging and raping patients, of sexual assault and kidnapping charges. Prosecutors claimed Chung, 43, had videotaped sex acts with three unconscious women and a teenage girl who also had been drugged.     Chung told jurors that he had an ongoing […]

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Inmate Throws Another Prisoner Off Balcony, Down Two Stories [VIDEO]

  A disturbing video has surfaced showing a convict tussling with a fellow prisoner before flipping him over a railing to fall at least two stories below. The clip was initially uploaded to LiveLeak. The location of the prison where the video was shot hasn’t been confirmed, as the uploader simply said he received it […]

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Tattooed “Joker” Lookalike Arrested for Pointing Gun at Traffic

According to police reports, a Florida resident who had tattoos that made his face look like the “Joker” from Batman was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at traffic. The 29-year-old man’s name is Lawrence Sullivan, and he was charged with carrying a concealed firearm this past Tuesday. Police noted that they found a loaded […]

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Man sentenced to life on Pimp Charges mysteriously dies in Nevada Prison.

LAS VEGAS – A Nevada prison inmate serving life without parole for kidnapping and sex trafficking in Las Vegas has died in custody. A state Corrections Department official said Wednesday that 31-year-old Robert Sharpe III died Saturday at a Las Vegas hospital, two days after he was found unresponsive in his cell at High Desert […]

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A sincere apology from Gorgeous Dre. (Must watch)

This is a very sincere heart felt  video from  Andre Taylor. Taylor better known as “Gorgeous Dre” was one of the stars of the Documentary Film by the Hughes Brothers “American Pimp.” In this youtube video that he simply  titled “I Apologize!” is the very eloquent Taylor giving a break down of his part in […]

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15-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot By Police After Calling 911

On Saturday (May 6), police in San Diego shot and killed a 15-year-old student after he allegedly pointed a BB gun (pistol) at them in a high school parking lot.   Authorities say the Torrey Pines High School student called 911 in the early morning hours to ask officers to check on the welfare of […]

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Lyft Driver Shot at After Kicking Out Passengers in Detroit Watch [VIDEO]

It’s become clear at this point that driving for an outfit like Uber or Lyft isn’t quite the laid-back, enjoyable job that the companies would have you believe. Stories are hitting the news all the time of drivers being victimized by their passengers, and one Lyft operator in Detroit recently experienced this firsthand. The driver, […]

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Does marriage work in 2017? SMh read his story.

A Hollywood man beat his wife to death with a pipe wrench while their four children were home after learning she was pregnant with another man’s baby, police said. Claude Sejour, 48, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of premeditated homicide in the killing of 40-year-old Marie Carmel Joseph, Hollywood Police said.   Authorities said […]

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Miami Woman Arrested for Dating Men then Robb them for Jewelry.

The latest “Florida Woman…” headline comes courtesy of 21-year-old Yomna Fouad, who was arrested Saturday for her alleged involvement in a series of date-related robberies. Fouad is being accused of drugging and robbing multiple men she met across several states during casual dating encounters. “We had a couple of drinks, we went upstairs, she started […]

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[Shocking Video] Shows Young Boy’s Mom Pull Gun On “Slow” Barber

Everyone knows it: a trip to the barber shop should take less time than it does. But it’s never worth getting weapons involved to speed up the process.   Unfortunately, that’s what reportedly happened in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. Police in the Ohio city are trying to identify a woman they believe pulled […]

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