“Conscious” Beefs

In the so-called “conscious” community everyone’s beefing. From my experience, it used to be conscious vs. sheep but now it’s a free for all. For the record, “sheep” are anyone lacking Knowledge of Self. Doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent or talentless. Just means they’re likely to accept whatever society dictates. What tends to happen is […]

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my take on the flag and anthem

My take on the protest of the flag and Anthem.

White people and non-white “patriots”: If I stand for the flag it’s because of the promise it represents. Until now, that promise is unfulfilled. The Constitution was constructed in such a way so as to allow for continuous improvements because the framers knew they weren’t able to fulfill the promises in their time. So if […]

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IT HAPPENED!! Caityln Jenner Is DATING A BLACK MAN . . . Now All The Kardashian Women . . . Are Dating BROTHAS!!!

It’s no secret that the Kardashian ladies like Black men. Now it appears that they ALL ARE CURRENTLY DATING BLACK MEN. Yesterday Caitlyn Jenner was seen stepping out in LONDON for dinner with friends. Caitlyn was seen heading to Les Ambassadeurs Casino and Restaurant with a MALE COMPANION. She appeared to be on a date. […]

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90’s Psychic Star Miss Cleo is Dead at 53

It has sadly been reported that the popular 90’s psychic Miss Cleo is dead at just 53 years old. Her rep told TMZ that she passed away in Palm Beach, FL due to colon cancer. Miss Cleo was released to a hospice center last week, but according to the rep was a “pillar of strength” throughout […]

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Drink Champs with guest 50 Cent

The always entertaining 50 cent sits down with NORE and DJ EFN for the drink champs pod cast and give a uncut interview answering every question on all our minds.

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Bill Cosby is ‘completely blind’ and homebound.

Bill Cosby is now “completely blind,” said a well-placed source, who added that the embattled comic is “in his own personal hell.” The disgraced comedian once known as “America’s Dad” is now confined to his Pennsylvania home with only his incomprehensibly loyal wife, Camille, at his side. The source close to Cosby told us, “His […]

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Aries Spears: Historically White People Have Been More Dangerous than Blacks

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Christopher Darden: I Heard O.J. Simpson “Confessed” To Killing Nicole Brown Simpson

Between the recent series The People v. O.J. Simpson:American Crime Story and the newly released ESPN documentary O.J: Made In America folks are practically reliving one of the most highly talked about murder cases in American history. And now, over 20 years later, people are still asking the same question: Did O.J. Simpson murder Nicole Brown Simpson and […]

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Porn Site Launches NSFW Reality Show ‘The Sex Factor’

Porn site xHamster is launching the most NSFW reality series ever entitled The Sex Factor. Mirroring its television name equivalent, The X Factor, the 10-episode series follows 16 wannabe porn stars (eight guys and eight girls) battling it out for a million dollars and pornsuperstardom. The series contestants were found through an open casting call […]

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Birdman Talks Gay Rumors, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & More On #EbroInTheMorning

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