Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” Is Being Turned Into a Dope Children’s Book

I don’t care who you are, if you’re talking the greatest storytellers in the hip-hop game, Slick Rick’s name needs to be at the very TOP of your list. There’s a reason why Outkast made sure to get a Slick Rick feature on “Da Art of Storytellin’.” Slick Rick the Ruler weaved some of the most […]

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Nicki Minaj Responds to Remy Ma’s Diss Track with New Singles and a Challenge: ‘You Got 72 Hours to Drop a Hit

“Pound the Alarm”: Nicki Minaj is back with new music — times three — and a challenge for Remy Ma. On Thursday evening, the Queens MC premiered not one, but three singles with plenty of references and responses to Remy Ma’s diss track, “ShETHER.” And the leader of the Barbz recruited her Big 3 partners Drake and Lil Wayne […]

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St. Louis Rapper Blenda Boy Reportedly Shot and Killed Outside Hooters

One man died and two others were injured in a shooting outside a Hooters restaurant in St. Louis Friday night, according to the St. Louis Dispatch. Witnesses said the victims were sitting at a table inside the restaurant and were targeted by a shooter in a truck as they left. The two men injured are […]

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There is Now A Petition To Have Migos Replace Lady Gaga for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Migos are on absolute fire right now, but this one might be shooting for the moon. With the Atlanta Falcons set to play the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl next month, there’s now a petition to have the group replace Lady Gaga for the halftime show. While this is incredibly unrealistic and won’t happen, you have to […]

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Pimp C’s Lyrics and Promo Items Being Added to Rice University Research Center

The late Pimp C is a certified hip-hop legend, and now, he’s getting his own collection at Rice University’s Woodson Research Center. The collection will include handwritten lyrics, promotional items and other rare pieces of memorabilia. Anthony B. Pinn, who is the Founding Director of the Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning at Rice University, says UGK is […]

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Why did “Q” of die? Conspiracy theories are crazy.

      First off anytime a man of power, fame or prominence dies there will be rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories begin to surface. From Prince, to Michael Jackson to even the most obvious deaths of  Tupac and Biggie the conspiracy theorist of the world will chime in with their ideas. And any man […]

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Bay Area Rap Legend Keak Da Sneak Recovering After Reportedly Being Shot

Bay Area rap legend Keak Da Sneak is recovering after reportedly being shot Friday (Jan. 20), reports XXL. Details surrounding the shooting are scarce but the site notes that Bay Area outlet, All Bay Music, revealed the news in an Instagram post wishing the 39-year-old rapper a “speedy recovery.” We wanna send our deepest prayers & wishing […]

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Taxstone Arrested in Connection to 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting of Troy Ave

Back in 2016 rapper Troy Ave was captured on camera busting his gun in a New York nightclub that led to the death of his child hood friend and body guard as well as him being shot as well. Instantly speculation of who was inolved and the cause of the shooting began to mention yhr […]

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Mike Tyson Anounce That He will Be Training Chris Brown for his Fight Against Soulja Boy

Mike Tyson announced yesterday (January 8) that he’d be training Chris Brownin Mike Tyson announced yesterday (January 8) that he’d be training Chris Brownin his upcoming boxing match against Soulja Boy. It had the Internet laughing but also began a role reversal because now, it looks like Tyson is beginning his rap career. Breezy and Soulja will be hopping into the […]

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E40 Says 2Pac Told Him He Was Working On a Posthumous Album [Video]

Rapper E-40 made an appearance on day time talk show The Real on Wednesday, January 4, and among the topics he shared on was his memory of the great Tupac Shakur. The 49-year-old Bay Area legend expounded on his recollection of the late Rock and Roll Hall of Famer when asked to recall his favorite […]

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