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How did a Gwinnett Man Pimp a 14-Year-Old Girl, use pistol and threats of violence and get 8 years?

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA — A Gwinnett County man has been sentenced to prison for pimping a 14-year-old girl he met after she ran away from home. Kwabena Bomani Higgins, 33, pleaded guilty on Friday to trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, pimping, enticing a child for indecent purposes and statutory rape. He was sentenced to eight […]

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Flight Attendants Train to Spot Human Trafficking

Shelia Fedrick said she instinctively felt something was wrong the moment she saw the girl with greasy blonde hair sitting in the window seat of aisle 10 on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. The girl “looked like she had been through pure hell,” said Fedrick, 49, a flight attendant working for Alaska Airlines. […]

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12 of the biggest American Human Trafficking Cases convicting blacks. So you want to be a Pimp huh?

                   So you want to be a pimp huh? Well the days of making felony money off a misdemeanor crime is long over with. Now days Pimping is considered human trafficking. What is human trafficking you may ask? Human Trafficking plain and simple is modern day slavery by […]

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Teen prostitution targeted at Super Bowl

A Washington group that fights sex trafficking is tackling teen prostitution at Super Bowl LI in Houston with a new campaign targeting guys who flock to big events like last year’s NFL championship, which had 428 sex arrests. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has teamed with 24 partners to stop the exploitation. “This kind […]

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Charlotte man sentenced to 40 years for sex-trafficking 15-year-old girl #PimpDown

A Charlotte man was sentenced to 40 years in prison this week for sex-trafficking a 15-year-old girl. Kenwaniee Vontorian Tate, a 41-year-old registered sex offender, forced the girl to prostitute herself as they moved from hotel to hotel between September 2014 and February 2015, court records show. The girl was a runaway when she met […]

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Las Vegas man arrested as suspect on Kidnapping and Human trafficking charges. (Video of Victim)

      It brings me great sadness to report this story, and watch the media prosecute this man before he gets his day in court. The reports put out by the news is making this man guilty in the court of public opinion before he even enters a court room. With these type of […]

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Waco pimp who told ‘trophy’ teen she got what she deserved gets 12 life sentences

Black man plus white girl equals a lot of time reading end slaved in the American justic system. These are warning shots. 12 life sentences is propaganda by the justices system and the media to paint a picture to everyone involved in human trafficking that they are not playing. You have been warned. Better get […]

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Long prison terms for pimps who kidnapped and tortured teenage prostitute get 117 Years. SMH

OAKLAND — Saying they showed “great cruelty and viciousness,” an Alameda County judge on Friday handed down long prison sentences to three Oakland pimps who kidnapped and tortured a teenage runaway because she wanted out of the prostitution life. At least seven men were involved in the brutal June 3, 2013, attack on a 17-year-old […]

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5 LA pimps who turned teens into prostitutes as young as “13” are going to prison.

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Police Department says its investigations have led to the convictions of five Los Angeles men who tried to commercially exploit women and teenage girls as young as 13 as prostitutes. Four of the five men convicted were self-identified gang members, and most of them used the Western Avenue and […]

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Dallas Man Sentenced to Serve a Total of 326 Months in Federal Prison for Sex Trafficking a Developmentally Disabled Teenage Girl

Two Dallas brothers who admitted to sex trafficking a mentally disabled woman lost their last-minute bid to withdraw their guilty pleas — a move that prosecutors called “outrageous, unfair and unjust.” SMH They even locked up his cousin who was n0t there but prosecutors claim he helped plan it. Got damn. Better stop talking that […]

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