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Breaking News:Media reports on Ivory P trying to connect him to murder of girl in Beaumont Hotel.

Well like clock work the local channel 12 news under the main stream media ABC umbrella is on their job like clock work. They do a report on Ivory P and they did exactly what I said in my last video. One they bring up his criminal history which is minor and charges were dismissed. […]

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Kanye West Hospitalized against his will. It is a conspiracy to silence and kill him. #PrayforYe Filmmaker Michael Maroy reports on main stream media conspiracy theories to kill an destroy black men like Kanye West, Bill Cosby and even innocent unarmed black men across the country. TIMELINE OF EVENTS Paris 3 Oct 2016, Kim Kardashian robbed, held at gunpoint in sophisticated attack. Months before this Trump on record as saying […]

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Breaking News:: “Ivory P” Pantallion from Cross Country Pimping shot & Killed by the Baytown Police.

Breaking News:: Ivory P from the cult Classic Cross Country Pimping Documentary Film series has been killed in a shoot out with Baytown Texas police. Our deepest condolences to his mother and loved ones. One of the more favorable characters of the Cross Country Pimping series he was adorned by fans everywhere. He will truly […]

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Look: Disgusting Photo of Cop Posing With Deceased Man Sparks Outrage [video]

  A St. Louis mother currently is going through a nightmare in addition to coping with the recent loss of her son. As reported, Kim Staton‘s 28-year-old son, Omar Rahman, passed away back on August 6, 2016. While the Medical Examiner has since ruled it as an accidental drug overdose, Staton is having a hard time accepting that […]

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‘I Can’t Breathe’: Disturbing Video Shows Father Of Four Begging Guards For Help Before He Died In Jail

VIDEO FACEBOOK Michael Sabbie, 35, died in Bi State Jail, on the border between Texas and Arkansas, last year. “I can’t breathe.” Michael Sabbie ― a 35-year-old stay-at-home father of four ― said it after five guards piled on top of him inside the Bi State Jail, a facility that sits directly on the border […]

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Off-duty cop who killed Delrawn Small indicted on murder charges

A city cop was indicted Monday on second-degree murder charges in the road-rage shooting death of driver Delrawn Small, who was killed in a July 4 confrontation with the off-duty officer, sources said. The cop, Wayne Isaacs, will be charged Tuesday, a day after a grand jury handed up the indictment to state Attorney General […]

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What you should know about Terance Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott murders by Police..

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