[VIDEO] White Woman Threatens to Kill Black Family: “Get Out of My Country!”

Video of a menacing encounter involving a racist who refuses to leave a fast food establishment without first threatening a family of black customers has been going viral. The recording is of a white woman who lingers by the door of the restaurant as an employee stands before her attempting to keep the situation from […]

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White Supremacist James Jackson Said He Wished He Killed a ‘Young Thug’ or Black Man ‘That Put White Girls Down the Wrong Path’

The racist revealed Timothy Caughman’s death was a trial run for a larger plan. James Jackson made national headlines last week when he traveled from Baltimore to New York City to kill Black men. A few days after arriving, he used a sword to kill 66-year-old Timothy Caughman, a man who only exuded positivity. Jackson, […]

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Dave Chappelle Joins Protest Against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban

On Sunday afternoon, Dave Chappelle spoke briefly at a rally in front of the federal court building in Dayton, Ohio. The 43-year-old comedian, who converted to Islam in the late 1990s, addressed the crowd through a microphone, saying: “We are all here because what you [Trump] are doing does not seem right. As a matter […]

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Racist Michigan Mayor Jim Fouts caught on recording making racist statements. SMH

A Warren church Sunday called on Mayor James Fouts to apologize and step down from office for “deeply disturbing” recorded comments he allegedly has made about minorities and older women. Renaissance Unity’s Board of Directors also petitioned the Warren City Council to “restore the dignity of our fine city” by removing Fouts from office and […]

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#MichaelEricDyson slays interview on #BreakfastClub. #Intelligence is the new cool.

The man said im 58 years old with a PHd from Princeton University and I been around and there is still a lot I did not know about black people…. That is some #NewsYouCanUse thats  #TooRealForTV  I personally love Dr.Michael Eric Dyson, and love to hear him speak. And to hear a man of his […]

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‘N****r!’ White Kid Runs For His Life After Calling A Classmate The N-Word

Racism isn’t just for the elderly. Recently, video hit the web showing a white student getting knocked down by a black classmate. Mad that he lost the quick skirmish the long-haired boy got up and yelled, “See you in juvie, b***h!” The black kid, who knocked down his mad classmate, didn’t decide to retaliate upon hearing the […]

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Watch: Violent Video Shows Interracial Couple Attacked At A Portland Subway

Today in ignorant people news, a mixed race couple was reportedly attacked by a group who weren’t happy they were simply in a relationship. Video uploaded to LiveLeak shows the couple being cornered in a Portland Subway restaurant and then ganged up on. Despicably, a few different men are seen punching the white girl, who […]

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  A Dairy Queen restaurant in the north suburbs has been closed by corporate after a mother says the franchise owner called her and her children a racial slur.“He was proud, he used the word freely when talking to the officer,” said Deia Ford, 21. Ford, a mother of two, said she went to Dairy […]

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Watch: Heartbreaking Video of Middle Schoolers Chanting ‘Build the Wall

  One of the most dangerous effects of the Trump victory is the confidence many people now have to openly speak and act with racism and bigotry. And unfortunately for the country, those ideas have trickled down to our children.    During lunch on Wednesday, several middle schoolers in Royal Oak, Michigan, started to chant […]

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Oregon Standoff Leaders Acquitted For Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover

A federal court jury on Thursday acquitted anti-government militant leader AmmonBundy and six followers of conspiracy charges stemming from their role in the armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife center in Oregon earlier this year. Bundy and others, including his brother and co-defendant Ryan Bundy, cast the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge […]

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