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Leiah Artman: White woman lied about being raped by 4 black men.

http::// Filmmaker Michael Maroy reports on the story of Leiah ARtman a 25 year old Michigan woman that lied to the police that she was kidnapped and sexual assaulted by 4 black men. Once they found out she had lied about a felony she received a year in jail. This is #TooRealForTV and the #NewsYouCanUse […]

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Mich women lied saying 4 black men kidnapped & raped her gets 1 year in jail. SMH

Now why is this not on world news? Why is she not punished to the maximum penalty and put on national TV to set an example for anyone that tell a like like this on black men? Because that is #TooRealForTV MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI – She reported four black men had kidnapped her from her […]

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Dr.Umar calls Vlad a “White Supremacist” after his interview on VladtV.

In a crazy turn of events it appears that brother Dr.Umar is unhappy with his appearance on VadTV. Dr.Umar claims he was warned about VladTv before doing the interview but he did the interview anyway. (Shoulder Shrug)  Dr.Umar says he was unhappy with the titling of the video clips released by Vlad of his interview […]

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Nicki Minaj roast Kanye West about being with a white girl.

Nicki Minaj is sick of racial double standards. The rapper covers the November issue ofMarie Claire magazine, and in the monthly she is not holding back on her thoughts about the way black women are treated in Hollywood, in both the rap world and the media. But instead of just voicing opinions, Nicki is backing […]

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Memphis Police Department Threatens To Demote Black Cops If They Keep Complaining About Racism

  The Memphis, Tennessee Police Department is threatening to demote dozens of African American police officers simply because they are standing up to racism in the department. Officials with the Memphis police say that African American cops would be forced to pay back money theyearned after receiving promotions if they don’t back down from their claims […]

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    CHICAGO (WLS) — Human rights advocates say poor people are being denied justice because they can’t afford bond, a mass incarceration that includes thousands of defendants in Cook County Jail. Fifteen million people are locked up every year in the U.S. on criminal charges. For many it is “indefinite detention” because they spend […]

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Steaks and Seafood to be Removed from Food Stamps Programs. So what #GoVegan

Well it looks like the powers that be do not want to see people on welfare enjoying steak , lobster and shrimp. Personally I am always looking at the bright side of things. And the bright side is this may be exactly what some black people need. Why? Diabetes and high blood pressure is out […]

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According to multiple reports, city officials have announced new measures in an effort to curb the violence sweeping Charlotte since the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Any individuals caught rioting, looting, destroying property or otherwise reacting in a violent and unlawful manner will have their government benefits permanently revoked. According to the local affiliate WBTC, the […]

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NC Congressman: Protesters Hate White Ppl b/c They’re Successful & They’re Not

  North Carolina congressman, Robert Pittenger, came under fire on Thursday [September 22], over comments he made, blaming the tensions exhibited at recent protests on a supposed resentment of white people, by demonstrators living off of a welfare state. “The grievance in their mind is the animus, the anger. They hate white people because white […]

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What you should know about Terance Crutcher & Keith Lamont Scott murders by Police..

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