WorldStarHipHop Founder Lee “Q” O’Denat Reportedly Dead at 43

Hip Hop lost a pioneer today (January 24) with the news that WorldStarHipHop founder Lee “Q” O’Denat has died. Details are scant at this point, but TMZ reports that Q passed away in his sleep at the age of 43. Their source says he died of a heart attack, although an autopsy will happen later today. Q, who […]

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Talib Kweli & Chrisette’s Fiance Beef on Twitter over Performance & Spike Lee

  Talib Kweli, along with most of Black Twitter, was upset that Chrisette Michele decided to go along with her Inauguration performance this past week. So much so, he grew even more irritated with her fiance, Doug Ellison, took shots at Spike Lee for publicly attacking Chrisette and admitting that he would not use her music in his upcoming […]

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Standoff, sex-trafficking suspect breaks down in Las Vegas courtroom.

Standoff suspect, 36-year-old Tyree Wright, appeared in court Monday, and broke down in tears as he learned he won’t be getting out from behind bars anytime soon. #TooRealForTV podcast on www.Youtube.com/TooRealForTV

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#MichaelEricDyson slays interview on #BreakfastClub. #Intelligence is the new cool.

The man said im 58 years old with a PHd from Princeton University and I been around and there is still a lot I did not know about black people…. That is some #NewsYouCanUse thats  #TooRealForTV  I personally love Dr.Michael Eric Dyson, and love to hear him speak. And to hear a man of his […]

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Las Vegas man arrested as suspect on Kidnapping and Human trafficking charges. (Video of Victim)

      It brings me great sadness to report this story, and watch the media prosecute this man before he gets his day in court. The reports put out by the news is making this man guilty in the court of public opinion before he even enters a court room. With these type of […]

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Taxstone Arrested in Connection to 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting of Troy Ave

Back in 2016 rapper Troy Ave was captured on camera busting his gun in a New York nightclub that led to the death of his child hood friend and body guard as well as him being shot as well. Instantly speculation of who was inolved and the cause of the shooting began to mention yhr […]

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Kevin Epps, Documentary Filmmaker, Released After Arrest

UPDATE: San Francisco filmmaker Kevin Epps will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a man in his Glen Park home. The district attorney’s office tells KQED “There is insufficient evidence to charge the case at this time. The case remains under investigation.” A video was posted to Epps’ Instagram feed Wednesday morning, tagged God is […]

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Nightclub closed due to drugs, teen prostitution [ VIDEO]

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee   A Memphis nightclub was shut down Friday after police deemed it a public nuisance, according to Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich. Police documented months of cocaine trafficking, prostitution, shootings and assaults inside Las Vegas Bar and Grill, located in the 700 block of White Station, […]

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Mike Tyson Anounce That He will Be Training Chris Brown for his Fight Against Soulja Boy

Mike Tyson announced yesterday (January 8) that he’d be training Chris Brownin Mike Tyson announced yesterday (January 8) that he’d be training Chris Brownin his upcoming boxing match against Soulja Boy. It had the Internet laughing but also began a role reversal because now, it looks like Tyson is beginning his rap career. Breezy and Soulja will be hopping into the […]

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Brother Polight :: Polygyn vs Pimping and more. 2017 #TRFTV Exclusive

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