Pimp Godfather Exclusive Interview. Where are they now? #Ep3 On January 14th 2017 Filmmaker Michael MAROY sat down for an exclusive interview with one of the most memorable characters from the Cross Country Pimping series “Godfather” and they spoke about what he has been up to, the current state of the street game commonly referred to as pimping, the topic of polygyn vs […]

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Brother Polight :: Polygyn vs Pimping and more. 2017 #TRFTV Exclusive

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1st of the year state of #TooRealForTV address. (Who should i interview next?)

    I have been really enjoying the positive feedback back from my #wherearetheynow videos on  my #TooRealForTV  YouTube channel, please subscribe,  so much that I want to change the direction of my daily blog/vlog. I would still like to include daily #NewsYouCanUse but I have come to the conclusion it does not matter if […]

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Kenny Red Exclusive Interview. Where are they now? Ep#2

On December 19th 2016 Filmmaker Michael Maroy sat down and does an exclusive interview with Famous Player Kenny Red aka The Concrete General star of documentary films American Pimp and Cross Country Pimping  to talk about the Pimp lifestyle, the Feds, Players being in documentary films, his new life as a personal trainer and custom […]

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Woman found dead in Beaumont TX hotel is allegedly Ivory P baby mother. SMH

And the plot thickens in the Ivory P story. As the story develops I reported on the young lady that was shot and killed in the Beuamont Texas hotel sources close to me began to reveal some shocking info. The young lady named Erica Franklin is allegedly Ivory P baby mother aka Roxanne Turner. Shocking […]

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The Young lady hired by Rayon “Keko” Payne to set up Pimpin Ken. SMH Here is proof. The recordings.

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. And the recent turn of events with Rayon Payne and Pimpin Ken has been very strange. A little young lady by the name of Kelsie Huffman was hired by Junior the Rat to set Pimpin Ken up on criminal charges and make a sex tape. What type of man […]

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Breaking News:Media reports on Ivory P trying to connect him to murder of girl in Beaumont Hotel.

Well like clock work the local channel 12 news under the main stream media ABC umbrella is on their job like clock work. They do a report on Ivory P and they did exactly what I said in my last video. One they bring up his criminal history which is minor and charges were dismissed. […]

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Breaking News:: “Ivory P” Pantallion from Cross Country Pimping shot & Killed by the Baytown Police.

Breaking News:: Ivory P from the cult Classic Cross Country Pimping Documentary Film series has been killed in a shoot out with Baytown Texas police. Our deepest condolences to his mother and loved ones. One of the more favorable characters of the Cross Country Pimping series he was adorned by fans everywhere. He will truly […]

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Michael Maroy on a Writers Panel in Los Angeles.

Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy was invited to speak on a panel of writers in Los Angeles and here is a highlight reel of that discussion with Moderator Telly Davidson. Michael Maroy can be booked to do speaking engagements, interviews and production on his website / email [email protected] 1-702-806-4880 Always provocative and enlightening […]

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Robert “Pimpsy” Banks call from San Diego Federal prison to explain the Rico act charge.

http::// Filmmaker Michael Maroy does interview with Robert “Pimpsy” Banks from Federal Prison on November 18th 2016. 10 days before being sentenced in San Diego federal court after being convicted on charges of Racketeering, Transportation of a Prostitute and Prostitution of a minor in addition to the Rico act. Sentencing date is November 28th 2016. Lets […]

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