Chicago Rapper King Yella gets shot at “Black Lives Matter” video shoot. SMH

Just a little over a month ago Chicago rapper King Yella had made a statement to all Chicago rappers to stop the violence.  Late last year on Vlad TV he called out Chicago artist who chose to use Guns over fighting the old school way with their fist. Well obviously his request have not been heard because while shooting a “Black Lives Matter” video he was shot. And ofcourse in the new social media age it had to be captured on video. He filmed it himself driving to the hospital. To say the violence in Chicago is not slowing down is an understatement.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.35.44 AM

In the VLAD TV interview King Yella is actually taunting guys from Chicago for picking up a gun instead of fighting. Striaght calling them pussy. And said if they go to jail they are sweet as honey. I think he struck a nerve.

But sadly the one rapper that is asking for peace in Chicago happens to get shot in Chicago while shooting a video for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. SMH

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A film about GUN violence that covers some of the issues in Chicago titled GUNS:: Americas fascination with Firearms is available now on DVD and Digital Download for instant viewing at View the trailer below.

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