Chris Brown’s Accuser Is Reportedly a Suspect in NYC Purse Theft Case

An interesting new bit of information has surfaced in the case of Chris Brown’s arrest for felony assault with a deadly weaponTMZ unearthed new details about Brown’s accuser, Baylee Curran, noting that she is reportedly wanted for questioning in New York City because of her suspected involvement in a purse theft. According to the report, NYPD have an I-card out for her, which allows them to pick her up for questioning if they spot her in New York City.

The report claims that Curran was on vacation in NYC in 2013 with several of her friends when she snatched one of their $1,000 Louis Vuitton bags  and ran out of the hotel. The suspect (whom Curran claims to TMZ was her friend and not her), ended up dropping the purse after security gave chase, but escaped with $200 and some credit cards, and was never caught by the cops. Still, the friend later took out a restraining order against Curran back home in Los Angeles.

When asked about it, Curran claimed she wasn’t involved and that she didn’t even know she was wanted for questioning. Still, it’s an interesting piece of information considering she claims the argument with Brown started after she was “admiring” a diamond pendant in his home. According to her, she never touched it, but it certainly begs some questioning.

Obviously more information about the entire incident is set to trickle out over the next few days and weeks, so we’ll see who ends up being deemed correct in the situation. For now, you can read their report here.



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