“Conscious” Beefs

In the so-called “conscious” community everyone’s beefing. From my experience, it used to be conscious vs. sheep but now it’s a free for all. For the record, “sheep” are anyone lacking Knowledge of Self. Doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent or talentless. Just means they’re likely to accept whatever society dictates. What tends to happen is once those folk began to awake they’ll use their intelligence and talent for themselves and their community. But I digress.

I’ve watched several videos of “conscious” folk “exposing” those in the “conscious” community who’ve made names for themselves. Bro. Polight, Dr. Umar Johnson, Minister Farrakhan, and others are amongst those currently being “exposed”. Then there’s the beefs between groups. RBG vs. Kemetians or Hebrew Israelites vs. Everyone, Pan Africanist vs. NOI…the division amongst “pro-black” folk troubling but not to be unexpected.

We all want the same thing. Freedom, Justice and Equality. We all believe we have the answer or solution to getting freedom, justice and equality. But we have to consider the saying, “Knowledge is Power”. Power corrupts. All of us are flawed. So power in the hands of flawed individuals can create challenges. Having said that (or typed that) it’s no surprise to see folk digging up dirt on each other for the purpose of discrediting each other. But its sad. Everyone has a past and everyone has issues they must joust with. All that should matter is if the information being presented is accurate and the works of the individual is fruitful. In the end everyone has something to contribute. Find your lane and stay in it.


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