Could the Dallas shooting last night be a hoax to distract us from the Alton Sterling and Philando Castle murder? Lets think about it. (Must see)

Normally I do not indulge in conspiracy theories but lets examine what has been called the largest attack o police in recent history. In modern day everyone has a camera on their phone. Downtown Dallas has plenty of surveillance cameras set up all over and not one piece of clear footage has surfaced showing any officers have been shot? Not one officer dead name or photo has been released to the media? And the alleged suspect that has allegedly been we have heard nothing about who it is? Normally when incidents like this happen the news immediately release pics of the officers injured or killed. In this case they claim 5 officers are dead and we have heard nothing! Just rcail backlash from social media and couch revolutionaries. Let this digest people.  The day before this alleged cop shooting in Dallas  took place there were not one, but two murders of innocent black men by police caught on camera.  Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, and Philando Castle in Minnesota


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Now with the country in an uprise and outraged by two more murders of innocent black men caught on camera what could be done to calm the masses and distract their attention from the incidents? I dont know a massive shooting of police officers as if it was a retaliation to show retribution? I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not. I am a logical educated man with a very firm grip on reality. But the way this situation is being handled and presented leaves much speculation to what is really going on. I dont liek to be wrong but in this case I hope I am wrong. I hope I am proven wrong once they release the information of all the officers killed and the suspect. Because so far all I have seen was them trying to pin the incident on a man that was a part of the peace protest in Dallas who the media immediately plastered him on national TV marking him public enemy number one.

Now the only footage that seems to have surfaced that is being used by the Dallas Morning News that has gone viral is from a man name Michael Bautista that was captured on his cell phone.  And from the looks of the footage it looks like a Police training operation. No citizens around. No one was shot on camera, And somehow this is the only guy that was able to get close to get any footage of the incident? Where are all the body cams? The police car hood cams? Thousands of protesters were out there at the time and no footage is surfacing?

As I said I hope to be proven wrong but this all seems like a ploy to distract us from the incidents of the two men who were killed by police on camera. Now the website Media Take Out claims they have inside information that this was done by racist white nationalist attempting to start a race war. Now while that is not far fetched it has not been confirmed or proven so I cant even buy into that yet. Show me the shooter,. Dead or alive show me the shooter.

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When the Orlando mass shooting took place they showed the shooter and had his entire life profile on national news in less than 24 hours. Do they really want us to believe that Florida is more sophisticated than Dallas? Do they really want us to believe that the lives of the Gay community is more valuable than the lives of Policer officers so their friends and family deserve to be informed quicker? Or do they want to paint a picture that a Black Dallas Police Chief is not capable of doing the job of white police chief under the same circumstances?  Lets really think about it…Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.19.21 AM

The news is partially entertainment and I must admit amidst all last nights chaos I was thoroughly entertained. I totally forgot about all my lifes problems. I even feared going outside for a minute thinking all the police would be on high alert. I even got into a few racial back and forth tiffs on twitter over the incident. But here I am the next day and they have not released any information about any of the victims to the media outlets. Suspicious is an understatement. As I have stated I hope I am wrong. I look forward to being proven totally wrong. Could this be a ploy to attempt to change 2nd Amendment regulations and strip people of their firearms??? I dont have all the answers but its something to think about. Just ask yourself why???

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