Damian Marley Becomes Part Owner of High Times Magazine

It has been confirmed that a team of investors that includes Damian Marley has bought into High Times magazine.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Marley having recently linked up with the likes of venture capitalist Adam Levin and Colorado weed chain Denver Relief to pitch an offer for a stake in the 43-year-old publication. They are said to have reached a deal that gives the group a controlling share of High Times for $70 million.

High Times has been the standard in journalism revolving around the culture, politics, and economics of the budding marijuana industry since 1974. With the purchase, Marley, who is, of course, the son of reggae (and marijuana) icon Bob Marley, adds another big investment to his business portfolio, which includes a dispensary in Denver’s Mile High Stadium as well as a California prison that he and his partners have converted into a lucrative pot farm.





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