Detroit Subway Caught Selling Marijuana with Sandwiches

Authorities have found a Subway shop in Highland Park, Detroit selling marijuana. Police say they received a tip Friday that people were able to purchase marijuana along with their food, from the restaurant.



After a bust found a great deal of cash and marijuana inside the store, two employees were taken into custody, authorities say. The owner of the store says there’s a manager who worked there 12 years and a clerk. Police used a tracking dog and found a small amount of the drug inside the manager’s car outside. The dog also found the larger stash inside.

“If you buy a sub, you can buy drugs at the same time,” Press Secretary Marli Blockman said.

Watching the shop for about a week, police learned that customers have discovered a new way to enjoy their food for a few months now. Police say when they confronted the manager, he pretended to be taking out the trash, that bag he threw out was full of weed and cash, roughly 2 pounds of marijuana and $5,000 in cash.

The restaurant is currently closed, but the owner is moving staff to a different store and cleaning up to reopen as soon as possible.

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