Eighteen year old who accused two college football players of rape at house party charged with making claims up to gain sympathy from another man.

TWO university American football players who were stripped of their scholarships have been cleared after their accuser allegedly admitted making up the claims.

The lives of the two promising young footballers were left in tatters last year after they were accused of raping 18-year-old Nikki Yovino.

But New Yorker Yovino has now been charged with falsely reporting an incident and fabricating physical evidence

When pressed about inconsistencies in her original statement, Yovino admitted she made up the rape allegations against the two Sacred Heart University football players in the hope of gaining sympathy from another man — a prospective boyfriend, according to an arrest warrant.

Investigators said Yovino claimed two men pulled her into a bathroom and held her down, taking turns sexually assaulting her during a house party last October, the Connecticut Post reports.

Police say she claimed to have told the men: “I don’t want to be in here, I don’t want to do anything. My friends are waiting for me outside, let me go outside.”

Both men admitted having sex with Yovino but claimed it was consensual.

One student, according to the arrest warrant, said he overheard Yovino telling the men she wanted to have sex with them.

The statement read: “She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against [the football players] because it was the first thing that came to mind and she didn’t want to lose [another male student] as a friend and potential boyfriend.

“She stated that she believed when [the other male student] heard the allegation it would make him angry and sympathetic to her.”

Mark Sherman, Yovino’s lawyer, said he had not yet been provided with police reports and video footage related to the case, but told The New York Post he expects Yovino to plead not guilty at a hearing next month.

He said: “The details of what happened here will come out at the appropriate time during the court process.”



The 18-year-old has been released on bail and could face up to five years if convicted.



Yovino, who was released on bail after paying a £4,000 bond, faces up to five years in prison if convicted on the tampering charge, The Connecticut Post reports.

Sacred Heart officials declined to provide information about specific students, including the identities of the two former football players and whether they will be reinstated by the university.

University spokeswoman Deborah Noack wrote in an email: “I can say that the facts as presented in the Connecticut Post article you are referencing are not entirely accurate.

“Whenever there is any kind of incident at Sacred Heart University, we go to great lengths to ensure due process for all parties involved. The way that this particular case is playing out certainly demonstrates the validity of our procedures.”

Noack also declined to say whether Yovino was a current or former student at the university.

Her Facebook page identifies her as a psychology and pre-med student at Sacred Heart University and Suffolk County Community College.





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