Federal Judge Tosses Out Two Life Sentences for D.C. Sniper

Notorious assassin Lee Boyd Malvo, who together with John Allen Muhammad made up the D.C. sniper duo responsible for 10 murders over a span of three weeks in the early 2000’s, had his life sentences tossed and was granted a retrial on Friday, May 26.

It has been 8 years since Muhammad’s execution in 2009. Malvo, who was only 17-years-old when the tandem was captured, after waging terror against unsuspecting citizens in the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area [DMV], remains alive and well at the age of 32, however. He was sentenced to two life-long terms in prison in March of 2004, three months after his conviction for two capital crimes, including one for the murder of an F.B.I. analyst.


U.S. District Judge Raymond Jackson ordered the dismissal of Malvo’s http://www.vladtv.com/article/228506/federal-judge-tosses-out-two-life-sentences-for-dc-snipersentences on the grounds that he was still a minor when they were handed to him, thus invoking a 2012 Supreme Court decision, which outlawed life sentences for juveniles as unconstitutional. In response to the decision, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring released a statement through a spokesman, that promised his office “will do everything possible, including a possible appeal, to make sure this convicted mass murderer serves the life sentences that were originally imposed.”





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