I-Team: DA’s office breaks silence on why convicted pimp was offered plea deal

The Clark County District Attorney office broke its silence on a plea deal for a convicted pimp.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department, Anthony Galasi was also mistakenly released from the Clerk County Detention Center on February 8.


Galasi was originally charged with first-degree kidnapping and sex trafficking. He was accused of forcing a woman to sell sex and physically abusing her.

The victim in the case testified in court during a preliminary hearing.  Women working as prostitutes are often too afraid to testify against their pimps, but that woman told the I-Team she was willing to testify during a trial.

However, Galasi took a plea deal and was convicted of pandering which carries a lesser penalty.

Galasi was sentenced to 120 days in jail, but he received credit for time served and was released despite having an active warrant out of California for false imprisonment.  

According to records, Galasi may still be a fugitive.  The woman connected to the case has been in hiding ever since Galasi was released.  She told the I-Team she fears for her life.

When the I-Team contacted Metro Police which runs the jail, a spokesman released a statement explaining Galasi was mistakenly released, and the department would review the chain of events.

Two days in a row this week, the I-Team has asked the district attorney’s office for a comment but were told no one was available to speak. However, on Friday, the D.A.’s office sent the I-Team an email stating it is not the intention of the D.A.’s office to revictimize the woman, and she showed courage when she testified at the first hearing, but it is inaccurate to say she wanted the case to go to trial.

The email referred to text messages the victim sent to the investigating detective where she stated, “F*#$ that subpoena. I never got one before…”  Let him go free…” and “please don’t contact me again.”

The woman admitted to making those statements to the I-Team, but she says they were taken out of context.

Galasi’s defense attorney told the I-Team she would have brought up several issues during the trial, including that the investigating detective on the case knew the woman before everything happened. It was a “family friend” type of relationship.

The big question: Why out of all the detectives was a family friend on the case?

The I-Team reached out to Metro Police Friday about the relationship and did not receive a response by the end of business day.







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