Jay-Z has executed a close to perfect life.

After reading the complete article in the November 2013 issue of Vanity Fair with a very informative cover story on Jay-Z I have sat back for hours just thinking about this man and his life and also thinking about my life and decisions as well. Jay-Z seems to have executed a perfect life. It is almost as if every single decision he has made has been perfect in timing and execution.Yes he has dealt with his share of haters and nasty rumors as he stated is simply “noise, that you should pay no attention to it will drive you crazy.” But all of his business dealings have been so calculated and borderline genius. But here is what I realized most as I look over his life. He has books out but he is not an author or publisher by trade. So obviously he connected with a good one. He is not a watchmaker but has a 20,000 dollar watch being produced. He does not make or sew clothes but has a very successful clothing line. I can go on and on but my point is his success lies in his relationships. To say Jay-Z is intelligent would be an understatement. But his true brilliance lies in his ability to surround himself with the right people. Even his choice of woman he married was brilliant. Just imagine how many people you have to have work for you running the size empire he has built with Roc Nation music and his sports agency. And there is no way possible one could run all that single handed. You need people in play to help carry out things while he goes on tour, be a family man or simply relax. Jay-Z says he does not have hot heads around him. He realize that a lot of club fights and bull that he use to get into was mostly the people around him his entourage. You have to know who not to have around you. He has a serious team. In the article he was asked what was his biggest accomplishment and he said ” Staying grounded and being a sane person is my biggest accomplishment.” ….WOW…. Its really deep when you think about it because its so easy to become arrogant and pompous when you have accomplished a fraction of what he has. And history has shown its even easier to lose your sanity becoming a person of his magnitude. You can Lose everything but you dont want to lose your mind.

I could not help after reading the article and thinking about my own life. The decision I have made some being brilliant and some being miscalculated mistakes. I do not have a team. Surely I have a few imperative people in my life that have been vital to the few success I have had. My DVD replicators, my web designer, my printer, my accountant and more and I am very grateful for them. But I do not have anybody on my side that helps with the actual decision making process of what will be my next move or how do I accomplish this. For the most part everything I have done has been on my own. That has been an error on my behalf. Imagine how much further I could be if I enlisted a manager that helps with internal affairs of mine. Or if I had a trusted publicist.  I have also lost myself at times in my own accomplishments and have been called arrogant or have mistreated people in my past. Another mistake. And there have been times where I have allowed “noise” to pull me out of character and let it tinker with my sanity by entertaining it. I can admit to all of this. As I sit back and really think about it I can see it all so clearly. I need to build my team.

Self reflection is very important. Many times we blame everything and everybody in the world for simple mistake we made personally. Sometimes we even go as far as blaming it all on God. That is simply childish and ignorant. You make a fortune then you blew all your money and you want to blame God. God was not the one spending the money on stupid shit. The man Jay-Z is not in God’s favor more than anyone else. He is not a spiritual being of another planet. Here is a dude that grew up in the projects with a single mother and sold drugs to make a living. It really dont get no closer to the bottom than that. But what he did do is made a “decision” to get out of that lifestyle before it was too late. He made a decision to fully commit himself to his music. He made a decision to watch his money closely and invest it wisely. He made a decision to surround himself with “people that would add and not subtract” from his life and from what he was trying to accomplish. And he made a decision to start a family with a woman who is more than capable of taking care of herself, their child and even him for that matter if needed. His success lies in his very meticulous decisions. Think about how many people he would love to kick it with and enjoy their company but he knows it is not good for him and his position. Success is all about decisions and you can choose to sit around and point the finger and blame God or not believe there is one but the truth is every man is the captain of his own ship. Positive energy attracts positive people and positive things happen for you. If Jay-Z can take his life and do what he has done with it simply by making the right decisions then you have the same power to “decide” what level of success you want in your life….Michael Maroy

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