Las Vegas man arrested as suspect on Kidnapping and Human trafficking charges. (Video of Victim)

      It brings me great sadness to report this story, and watch the media prosecute this man before he gets his day in court. The reports put out by the news is making this man guilty in the court of public opinion before he even enters a court room. With these type of stories being broadcasted on the news and in the papers how can this man ever get a fair trial from an unbiased jury of his peers? These news reports are contaminating potential jurors. And they say lady justice is suppose to be blind. I for one doubt that.

    I do my best to report stories as an unbiased source through Too Real For TV as a platform.  But I know this man personally and can attest that he is a much smoother, level headed man than the media is portraying him to be. Tyree Wright is a college educated man, graduated from one of the best Universities in Texas and I have never known him to be belligerent or violent. To my knowledge he has no criminal history and is a very loving family man. This entire story is shocking to me to say the least. My prayers are with him and his family in this time of turmoil. And I also hope for a speedy full recovery for the young lady that was harmed in this ordeal. And more importantly I hope all parties involved find forgiveness in their heart and can move forward in life to be positive and productive members of society contributing to the greater good of the world. Be cool & Careful……Michael Maroy

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Tyree Wright had rules for his woman, according to Las Vegas police.
She had to give him $2,500 from her sex-work earnings each day, and she was forced to sit in the back seat “behind the pimp” in his car. If she did not follow the rules, she would be beaten, Wright’s arrest report said.

Wright, 36, surrendered to Las Vegas police Wednesday night and is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail. He is accused of sex trafficking an adult, kidnapping, robbery with a deadly weapon, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, battery resulting in substantial bodily harm and battery with a deadly weapon, all felonies. His arraignment is set for Monday morning.

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal typically does not release the names of victims of sex crimes.
Police said Wright began dating the woman in July 2014 and “convinced her to work for him as a prostitute and dancer.” The woman told police she stayed out of fear and desperation.
She once tried to leave him and changed the locks on her home, the report said, but she left the door unlocked and he found her. Wright allegedly made a video recording of the beating and shared it on social media, the arrest report said.

After a night at Drai’s Nightclub on Dec. 31, Wright allegedly beat the woman because she hadn’t been giving him enough money. She tried to leave him again, the arrest report said, but Wright texted her that she had 24 hours to return to him and that she owed him a $10,000 “make up fee,” the arrest report said.

Wright found her on the morning of Jan. 13. He tackled her “like a quarterback” and allegedly beat her with what was described as a nightstick. He repeatedly struck her arms and body and head, demanding she pay him, the arrest report said.
Police were notified by University Medical Center, where the woman was treated for a compound fracture to her right arm, and her left arm was broken. She had a broken finger and possibly a fractured skull. Both of her eyes were swollen and bruised, and her lips were swollen, bruised and bleeding. She had a large hematoma to her right hip and cuts and bruises on her legs. She was missing several fingernails, the arrest report said.
Detectives investigated for several days, and went with the SWAT team to serve a search warrant at Wright’s home. The man wasn’t there. but detectives contacted his lawyer, who convinced him to turn himself in.

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  1. White Folks


    Once again and often… Man has likely ruined his life playing Pimp with NO CLUE as to what that is or means. Even if he didn’t do all they said he did, by the time they finish “preping” her that’s what the jury will hear.

    21 Jan 2017

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