Longtime friend testifies against North Augusta man charged with teen’s murder

Demorris Harris, the man believed to be driving Santonio Williams the day 16-year-old Gail McFadgen was shot and killed in Clearwater, said he “heard the shotgun rack and saw the barrel go out the window,” in court Wednesday.

On April 14, 2015, around 9 p.m., McFadgen was shot in the abdomen during a drive-by shooting while she was sitting on a concrete wall outside a home on the 200 block of Diamond Street.

Her death was ruled a homicide.


Santonio Torez Williams, 21, is charged with McFadgen’s murder, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Williams watched Wednesday as Harris, his friend of 15 years, testified against him, claiming to have witnessed Williams fire the weapon that killed McFadgen in 2015.



Harris, a current inmate at the Edgefield County jail, is charged with multiple charges, including kidnapping, grand larceny and receiving stolen property. He also is charged with accessory after the fact to murder in connection to McFadgen’s murder.

Harris testified Wednesday that he was picked up on April 14, 2015, at a gas station by Demarius Jefferson, who was driving his girlfriend’s car. He said they drove around, picked up Williams and Darian Davis, and then went to play basketball for a few hours.

“Santonio then asked (Jefferson) if he could use his car to get some weed,” Harris said.

Harris said he and Williams drove up to a gas station, leaving the other two men behind at the basketball court.

Williams then directed Harris to Crestlyn Drive in North Augusta, where Harris said Williams asked him to “pop the trunk.” He said Williams then placed something in the trunk and got into the back seat of the vehicle.

“We then stopped at a baseball field where (Williams) got out, said pop the trunk, and got something out,” Harris said.

Solicitors asked Harris if he ever saw what Williams placed in the trunk or got out at the baseball field, to which he replied No

 Harris said Williams then continued to direct him until they got to Diamond Street.

“I started to slow down in front of this house because I thought we going to stop and get weed, but then I heard the shotgun rack and saw the barrel go out the window behind me,” Harris said. “I said ‘you tripping,’ then heard the shot go off.”

Harris said he then sped off as fast as he could and they went back to the basketball court to pick up Jefferson and Davis. They  then proceeded to drop off Davis, and then Williams was dropped off, where he got rid of the gun, Harris said.

Prosecutors then brought up several investigators and experts to testify before the jury Wednesday.

Special Agent Clay Simmonds, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said he analyzed the cellphone records of Williams and Jefferson on the day McFadgen was killed.

Simmonds testified that Williams’ cellphone was picked up by the Verizon cellphone tower within a few miles of Diamond Street minutes before and after the murder.

The trial will continue Thursday.


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