Lyft Driver Shot at After Kicking Out Passengers in Detroit Watch [VIDEO]

It’s become clear at this point that driving for an outfit like Uber or Lyft isn’t quite the laid-back, enjoyable job that the companies would have you believe. Stories are hitting the news all the time of drivers being victimized by their passengers, and one Lyft operator in Detroit recently experienced this firsthand.

The driver, who has remained anonymous, was shot at Friday evening on Detroit’s east side after refusing to give a ride to passengers he suspected were involved in illegal activity. The whole incident was captured by a camera installed in the driver’s vehicle.

After suspecting the men were up to no good when they couldn’t keep their names straight and switched the Lyft app from one phone to another, the driver asked the two passengers to exit the vehicle.

One of the passengers allegedly grabbed some cash from the front of the vehicle, so the driver stepped out to confront them. That’s when one of the men pulled a gun and began popping off shots.

You can see it all go down up top.

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