Man Drinks An Entire Bottle Of Tequila As Part Of A Bet, Dies Moments Later

A 23-year-old man made a decision that ended his life recently as he died after chugging an entire bottle of tequila at a Dominican nightclub.

Kelvin Rafael Mejía was guaranteed $630 if he was able to drink the full bottle. Video of the incident shows Mejía drinking the bottle, holding up his arms in triumph and then starting to slouch when the wager money was being paid to him.


He later fainted and fell to the ground before two men tried to prop him up. He never regained consciousness. A Dominican examiner revealed that Mejía passed away from alcohol intoxication.

The bet began when Mejía approached a table where a group of clients were wagering money on how much tequila they could drink at once, according to El Universal. That’s when he asked to join in.

Management from the Vacca Lounge, where this all went down, says it had nothing to do with the very unfortunate incident. 



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