Man Who Was at Chris Brown’s House During Standoff Speaks Out

The hours-long standoff between Chris Brown and the LAPD ended with the singer getting arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon. Police were called to the singer’s home after Baylee Curran claims that he pulled a gun on her after she admired a piece of jewelry a friend brought over.

While details are still scarce on what went down in the house, Christian Bonilla claims that he was at Chris’ home when everything went down. He took to Facebook to speak briefly on the situation, telling friends, “I was at Chris Brown’s home with my circle…we usually do not allow new people in and this is a perfect example of why we do not let randoms in.”

He added, “Yes, what Chris Brown did was wrong…Yes I was involved in a very sketchy situation, I do not feel safe talking to anyone about details…I just want to move past this and go on with my life.”

Bonilla followed up by saying that he declined all interviews, and he added that his lawyer “will handle this in court.” He also mentioned that he wanted to make sure his “client and friend is safe” in the matter. Judging from his Facebook page, Bonilla is good friends with Baylee Curran, whom he posted a video of while they were out for drinks earlier this week on August 27.


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