[VIDEO] Mayweather Yells at Judge After Daughter Loses Cheer Competition

Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn’t know what it’s like to lose, so he understandably got mad when his daughter lost a cheer competition recently.

The retired boxing great attended the Jamz Cheer and Dance competition in Irvine, CA over the weekend, where he watched his 12-year-old daughter Jirah compete against other preteen cheerleaders. When the contest was all said and done Jirah’s team was commended for a 2nd place finish. Upon learning the score, Mayweather confronted the judges and gave them a piece of his mind about the decision.

“I fund this program!” Floyd told the judges. This, according to event announcer Jeff Krapf, who witnessed the TNT boss go off before being pulled to a private area by an event executive. “I thought, ‘Well great, here’s my big paycheck. My payday’s coming!’ But it didn’t happen,” Krapf said, while revealing the thought that was going through his mind at the moment.





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