Money isn’t everything?!? If you needed 90K to save your life, could you get it?

Every time I hear someone tell kids money isn’t everything I cringe inside. I understand people trying to teach a child there are more important things in life like principals, morals, education and family. But it is extremely difficult to enjoy those things and just about anything else without financial security. I have been preaching this sentiment for years including when I go speak to kids. Now I can go on and on about the importance of money but the latest evidence of the importance of money is rapper #Boosie Badazz surviving cancer. Rapper Boosie Badass has lived a turmoil life full of ups and downs. Almost unbelievable story when you look at it. And one of his latest life tragedies is being diagnosed with kidney cancer. Fortunately the caner he had was curable. He was able to have an operation and have the cancer totally removed. However the operation cost 90 thousand dollars cash money. Yes cash. When Boosie asked could he write a check they put him on hold, when he said he had cash they started operation immediately. This 90 thousand dollar cash money procedure saved his life. So the question I asked you if you needed 90 thousand dollars cash money to save your life could you get it??? Now do you still believe money isn’t everything?

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