my take on the flag and anthem

My take on the protest of the flag and Anthem.


White people and non-white “patriots”:

If I stand for the flag it’s because of the promise it represents. Until now, that promise is unfulfilled. The Constitution was constructed in such a way so as to allow for continuous improvements because the framers knew they weren’t able to fulfill the promises in their time.

So if I or anyone else protests the flag or anthem it’s because after all of these centuries, these promises REMAIN unfulfilled. Not for days, weeks, months, years. Centuries! How long does it take to correct America’s original sin? How long does it take for the richest and most powerful nation on earth (made that way by the very citizens to which these promises escape) to invest in its citizens whom have given literally EVERYTHING. We made America Great. But not great for us.

Here’s the irony:

Too many of you responded to a constitutionally protected act by burning jerseys, calling us niggers, and trying to bully us to comply. That’s Un-American according to the ideas of the Constitution but very much the American way in reality. Think over that.

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