Orlando Pimp and bottom chick has been arrested and $200 thousand in vehicles seized.



Investigators say they’ve busted a high-end online prostitution ring in Orlando involving at least a dozen women and they believe there are more victims out there.

Investigators said this sex slave ring offered up sophisticated and attractive women online for clients to enjoy the high life. But there was a dark side.

Investigators said these women were branded, abused and victimized.

More than $200,000 worth of luxury vehicles are now evidence from the bust. Two Jaguars and two Mercedes Benz party buses. Inside they are covered in filth. There’s even a child’s car seat in the back.


“Either to transport females where they would meet their clients or the buses were actually used for acts of prostitution,” Ron Stucker, director of the MBI said.

Officials with MBI and FDLE said these vehicles were used to sell a high-class fantasy at the expense of women’s bodies.

Investigators said two websites advertised these services and vetted clients.

One called Overnight Kiss was taken down, yet the other called Millionaire’s Choice is still up, but not able to accept more clients.

“It all appears to be high class or sophisticated,” Stucker said. “The dark side that’s not seen is the victimization. These women can not get out of this organization.”

Investigators said these websites may have been operating as early as 2013. They began investigating in 2014.

Known as Operation Overnight Kiss, officials arrested two people believed to be running the internet-based prostitution services, Jason Beaumont and Jessica Marie Gonzalez Santiago.

While clients would pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for services, investigators say the women were not able to keep a dime.

“Beaumont would take all of their money,” Stucker said. “They would be forced to commit multiple sex acts a day with strangers to give him more and more money.”

Investigators believe around 10 to 15 women, all in their early 20s, were victimized and abused.

“Beaumont was actually either tattooing, branding, or having the women tattoo themselves with his initials,” Stucker said.

Officials are calling it modern day slavery and believe there could be more victims out there.

Officials said their illegal business wasn’t just contained to Orlando, but included Atlanta and other East Coast cities.

Right now investigators do not know how many clients used the two websites for the purposes of prostitution.

Beaumont and Gonzalez Santiago are each being held on bonds over $100,000.



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