pimp who forced teen girls into prostitution slapped with 30-year prison sentence

A convicted Brooklyn sex trafficker who insisted he’s just a “two-bit pimp” and not a monster, was hammered Monday with a 30-year-jail term for prostituting underage girls on the streets of Brooklyn.

Alvaun Thompson made a rambling statement in Brooklyn Federal Court that confirmed his complete lack of remorse for his crimes. Thompson told Judge Leo Glasser that he didn’t view the teens — ages 13 and 15 — he pimped out as victims, or even as prostitutes.

“They was my family and they was my friends,” Thompson, 30, said. “Family and friends hustle where I come from.”

Thompson was convicted by a jury last November of sex trafficking — he also transported prostitutes to Maryland and Pennsylvania to turn tricks — and possession of child pornography because his cell phone contained videos of him engaged in sex acts with the minors.

He referred to his stable of prostitutes as “Team L.P.” — the initials referred to “Love Pimpin” — and he impregnated two underage girls who he nicknamed “Kandii” and “Chocolate,” according to court papers.

Thompson sadistically branded the prostitutes with tattoos “L.P.” near the eye of one victim; “Love Pimpin'” on another’s hip; and “Alvaun” on another’s breast, court papers state.

One victim was arrested on her 14th birthday for soliciting an undercover cop, and Thompson busted the lip of a 15-year-old hooker while she was pregnant with his child.


Thompson told the judge that prosecutor Matthew Jacob was giving him a bad rap. The despicable predator argued that the girls knew what they were getting into and “they wanted to be around me.”

Several times his federal defenders tried to get him to shut up, but Thompson continued ranting. “I’m a two-bit pimp…But it don’t give anybody a right to stereotype me…If I’m the monster that Mr. Jacobs described, I deserve life. I deserve the death penalty.”

Prosecutors also argued the judge should take into consideration that Thompson allegedly murdered another pimp in a dispute over prostitutes, although he has not been charged with the 2013 crime.

In seeking a minimum sentence of 15 years behind bars, the defense lawyers’ arguments were as nonsensical as Thompson’s statement.

They noted that the physical abuse he inflicted was relatively “mild,” that the victim in the sex video was an adolescent and not pre-pubescent, and by the time Thompson is released from prison he will be middle-aged and “no longer able to charm young women or teenagers into engaging prostitution based on the lure of a relationship with him,” court papers stated.

“Mr. Thompson is a danger to the community and should be sentenced severely,” Glasser said after reading aloud, with a tone of disbelief, portions of the defense sentencing papers.



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