Police Catch Pigeon Wearing Tiny Backpack Full of Drugs

Some P.O.S., but otherwise incredibly resourceful drug traffickers came up with a pretty ingenious plan for smuggling pills across the Iraq/Kuwait border. Combine pigeons with tiny backpacks.

An example of the felonious idea can be seen above, following a capture of one of the birds by Kuwaiti customs officials. In the bird’s pack was some 178 white pills, which turned out to be a type of ketamine. While some of you readers may know ketamine for its properties as a sedative and pain reliever, other readers with more interesting social lives will likely know it as a recreational drug.

Some of its (side?) effects include amnesia and hallucinations.

Abdullah Fahmi, a reporter for Kuwaiti paper al-Rai, says officials there were aware that smugglers were using such a scheme, but this was the first time they ever actually caught one of the birds in the act. According to The Huffington Post, drug runners in other parts of the world have also used homing pigeons as their lackeys.

Damn, we thought this was so original.

In 2015, for instance, prison guards in Costa Rica discovered pigeons transporting marijuana and coke. Also, in 2011, cops in Colombia discovered a pigeon trying in vain to fly over a prison wall. It turns out it was actually struggling because someone strapped too much pot and cocaine onto it.

Anyway, when it comes to this most recent case, we wish interrogators the best of luck in getting him to snitch on his associates. Seems like a losing battle.




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