Police say man beat woman who said no to prostitution

A man was arrested Monday on suspicion of holding a woman hostage in Las Vegas and beating her after she said she wouldn’t become a prostitute, arrest records show.

Terrell Brown, 29, had pursued a romantic relationship with the woman for several months before demanding that she become a sex worker and give him the money, according to Metropolitan Police Department arrest documents obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The woman told investigators she repeatedly told Brown no, the records show. When she expressed interest in leaving the relationship on Monday, Brown gathered screen netting and wood and built a barricade around the residence, preventing her exit, the reports said.


He beat the woman for hours, according to arrest records, and at one point, the woman lost consciousness.

She said that when she regained consciousness, Brown told her “he was going to tie her up, stab her with a knife, set her on fire, let her burn in a car and make it look like an accident,” according to the records.

Police found the woman with injuries to her whole body, including her face, arms, breasts and legs.

Brown faces kidnapping, domestic abuse and sex trafficking charges in connection to the incident. A preliminary hearing is set for next month.






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