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Public Service Announcement:: My name is Michael Maroy and I am a documentary filmmaker and creator of Too Real For TV. And I want to say I have a group of talented people on my team including bloggers. But at times they report stories just like the mainstream media and make mistakes. The major mistake they make is labeling most of these guys arrested as “Pimps.” After being familiar with the American culture of Pimps Cross Country with one glance I can attest that these dudes are not Pimps and should not be privileged to carry such a title especially under the circumstances of being arested for the multiple heinous crimes they are charged with. I know this is an attempt by the mainstream media and the government to paint a picture that these vile guys are pimps in order to justify there outrageous crimes they are really charged with. I have never seen nor heard of many of these guys and I have been Cross the Country meeting reputable real Pimps for close to 20 years.


So this is my public apology that I am now tightening up on my overzealous bloogers to stop misuing and abusing the word#Pimp to describe these clowns, rapist, murders, jackers, robber, con men with scams like credit cards and stolen merch. Fom now on we will combat the mainstream media by labeling these men exactly what they are. REal Pimps would not even be charged with these array of charges these guys are charged with. SMH. So if anyone see any stories of a perpetrator labeled as a “Pimp” in the news and namely on my website#TooRealForTV dot come please contact me so I may correct the story or have it reported properly with those guys in question labeled as what they really are. They get arrested and charge with 20 charges but somehow the mainstream media choose to call them Pimps. SMH Real Pimps dont even do a fraction of the things these guys do. It is my deepest desireto be as authentic as possible with my films, website and anything bearing the #TooRealForTV brand. I truly apologize if anyone has been offended.

T-shirt Design copyPlease know I am still as mentally sharp as ever. I know better just have bloogers and web designers handling a lot of my online things. My deepest desire is the same now as it has ever been and that is to become one of the worlds greatest legendary filmmakers responsible for making films that are classic and timeless respected by people in the respective culture I am filmming, and admired by fans who enjoy my work. 

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Michael Maroy

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