San Bernardino man gets 185 years to life for human trafficking

> A San Bernardino man was sentenced to 185 years to life in prison on Friday for human trafficking, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office said.

Demetrius Manning, 29, was convicted in 2015 of human trafficking, rape, false imprisonment, criminal threats, felony assault and kidnap for rape.

Manning had met the 23-year-old victim and lured her in to prostitution by telling her that he could help her with her music career, according to Lead Deputy District Attorney Melissa Rodriguez, who prosecuted the case.

“When she got to his residence she realized that he didn’t have any interest in helping her with her music but forced himself on her, raping her and forcing her to perform other sex acts,” Rodriguez said in a news release.

During the incident, Manning told the victim that he was going to make her work as a prostitute under the name “Treasure” and that she would turn all of the money over to him.

“Thanks to the great work of the San Bernardino Police Department and our Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, we took another trafficker off the streets,” District Attorney Mike Ramos said in the release.




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