“Only after you master the basic tools of the medium and are able to go beyond them to express your ideas in creative and even artistic ways will your work be considered praiseworthy — even exemplary.”

When it comes to my work I hold a few strong beliefs dear to me that have become my motto.

1. There is no substitue for quality and there is no excuse for lack of it.
2. No need for great speeches just do great work and your work will speak for itself.
3. Image is everything.

For over the past decade during my career I have wore many hats and carried many titles upon building a resume that I am very proud of like a father with accomplished children. But if I had to only use one word to describe what I do that word would be FILMMAKER.


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All of the work I have had the privilege to produce as a Pro was formed based on the principles of creating a Professional, Proficient, Production… Quality is the one common commodity accepted, expected, and respected around the world. And to the network of professionals I have had the courtesy to work with in there respective fields we all share the same sentiment. Nothing is more important than quality!


Im often asked a complicated question that many often expect a simple answer to and that is what are my rates? How much do I charge for a video? How much to film and event, party or wedding? How much for a commercial? How much for an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for my rap group or band? How much for a model portfolio on video? How much for photoshoot? Due to the variables in each project my rates require more detail and are negotiable upon discussion of the project. People expect me to simply say $2,000 or $20,000. But A video that requires a single hand held camera that may cost $1500, will not require multiple cameras shot in High Definiton on full frame cameras with 14 foot cranes and deliverd in 3 days that will cost $25,000. Can I shot a video for $1500? Sure I can. But your expectations may surpass that mark. So please email me so I can have a more detailed idea on the scale of the project and I can negotiate a deal with you. [email protected]

Media Appreciation Awards of Los Angeles

Writer’s Panel In Los Angeles

Interview with All Grown Up Pictures

State of the art equipment in Video Production and Photography:

Latest in High Definition Cameras
Wireless Audio System (Handheld & Lavalier)

Production Services:

Serving TV Producers and Directors around the world
A “Day in the Life” Video
Music Videos
EPKs (Electronice Press Kits) for Bands, Groups and Models


Post Production:

DVD Authoring
Video Transfer
Narration and Voiceovers


Event Coverage:

Corporate Video
Trade Shows Focus Groups
Gospel & Church
Model Portfolios
Commercial Photography
Charity Functions


SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT TO [email protected]