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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who are we to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are we not to be????? You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so other people wont feel insecure around you…And as we let our light shine,we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  – Nelson Mandela


When I first went to school my intentions were to become a news broadcaster. A reporter like Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings. I was involved in a motorcycle accident that changed my fate and made me believe I would not do well as an on air personality so I changed my plans to become a more of a behind the scenes person because I was still fascinated with TV, movies and cameras. While in college I was introduced to documentary films. I was attracted to it because a documentary has the ability to give out much more information in somewhat of a news reporting format. You can get much more information from a documentary than you can from a narrative feature film. The narration and showing factual data and statistics all felt like news reporting. And in addition to those perks as I begin to learn about documentary films I discovered they can be produced with very little resources and assitance. I have never been one for group activities so this was right up my alley.

The topics I choose to explore and document were tabu, risky and sometimes contained a criminal underworld element because those are the news stories that have always intrigued and interested me growing up. But never seen much of it. And when they did show the stories they often demonized them to prevent them from being glorified. However, that is not real. The truth is the underworld is a very glamorous and inviting world. Dangerous none the less but still very enticing. The truth about the stories that sparked the most interest to me were deemed “Too Real For TV” hence the name of my registered trademark. So in my most quintessential form I am simply a news correspondent reporting from the streets on my own little network with a raw, uncut and uncensored point of view. I never attempt to put people on camera that does not welcome me, nor do I try to be a paparazzi of any sort chasing people around. I have been very grateful for the many people that have been gracious enough to get on my camera and give me an interview. And I am forever grateful for all the people that have made financial contributions that have helped me accomplish my goals and objectives.

For more information on me and my work please log on to www.TooRealForTV.com

The Truth of the Matter.

Too Real For TV is a Video Production company that specializes in the production and distribution of independent films. The truth of the matter is Too Real For TV is an outlet for independant filmmaker Michael Maroy to showcase his films. Maroy’s greatest aspiration is to direct theatrical releases.

A Little Bit About Maroy:

College Degrees:

Got a Couple of those. (Seriously-Associates & Bachelors)


Won a few of them. (Dont want to sound arrogant by listing them.)

TV Apperances:

MTV,BET,Discovery,ABC and a few more but I ‘m really Too Real For TV.

Movie Apperacnces:

Laurence Fishburn beat me for the part of Morpheous in Matrix cause I refused to shave off my mustache. Gotta Keep it Real.You can be smart and have a mustache. Dont trust a black man with no facial hair under 50. Thats real talk.

Weapon of Choice:

Cannon XL’s, Mac computer, dont matter desktop or laptop, im gonna make it do what it do baby. And One Million pounds of patience.

My Motto:

No Need For Great Speeches just do Great work and your work will speak for itself… Michael MAROY

My Belief:

There is no substitute for Quality and No excuse for lack of it… Michael MAROY

Favorite personal Item:

My cell Phone. Cant think without it. I even sleep with it under my pillow.

Favorite Color:

Blue. It’s a loyal color. True Blue. Second favorite is green it’s a prosperous color. My company colors are “Black and White” they represent “Classic & Timeless” symbolic of my work.

My Personal Hero:

My cousin Keith. He saved my life by making me go to college.

Favorite Food:

Great pizza. Nothing beats a great Pizza. Then thanksgiving dinner. The whole deal. Turkey stuffing cranberry corn macaroni I cant get enough.

Favorite Films:

“Seven”. Eveyone should see that film, as well as “The Butterfly effect”. I also like Any Given Sunday (Oliver Stone) & God Father 2 (Francis Ford Coppla) Rocky 3 (Stallone)

Film Producer I would lie to work with most:

(action) Jerry Bruckheimer (Enemy of the State, Gone in 60 seconds) F.Gary Gray (The Negotiator, Set it Off) & (comedy) Ice Cube (Friday, Barber Shop)Adam Sandler(Water Boy & Click) & (Drama & Storytelling) Martin Scorsese (Casino), Oliver Stone & Spike Lee (X -a classic.) I think Tyler Perry is brilliant filmmaker as well.

Favorite Documentary:

Was: World Famous Players Ball (Maroy-The Kid is nice.) Then: Down South Players (Maroy-The kid got even nicer.) Now: Cross Country Pimping (Maroy-The kid is ridiculous.) Just Recently: Cross Country Pimping Pt.2 The Dude gets better everytime. Then Cross Country Pimping Pt.3 (Maroy is bonkers on next level) Then Part.4 the man need a statue. Buy all of them now on Too Real For TV dot com. But I also like Farenheight 911, Bling, and anything with ALi on it. When we were kings, fighting ali, The fighter all of them were great true documentaries.

Favorite Books:

Makes Me Wanna Holla (Nathan McCall) & Thick Face, Black Heart (Ching Ning Chu) that book is like my bible. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. And Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Dennis Kimbro

Favorite Rapper:

ICE CUBE and UGK. I like rappers that have something to talk about. Geto Boys, Haystak, Jay-Z,Outkast, Dead Prez, Black Star, Lil Flip, Jeezy, Young Dro the list goes forever. But favorite hands down Ice Cube with Jay-Z as a ver very strong number two. Really a tie.

Favorite Signer:

Sade hands down nocompetiton. If you dont have the best of Sade Cd get yo mind right. And ofcourse Prince. I also like Jill Scott and John legend. And Andree 3000, “The Love Below” is a classic. No joke go get it. And last but not least Michael Jackson Thriller and Off the Wall. Got to have those in the collection or you dont know what good music is.

Favorite Actors:

Samuel Jackson, Robert Deniro,Denzel Washington, Al Pacino(Likey the greatest actor of our time),Jack Nicholson, Laurence Fishburn, Don Cheadle and Will Smith. No bullshit the Fresh Prince is a brilliant actor.

Favorite Gangster Films (No Order):

God Father 1 & 2 (3 was some bullshit) Gotti (HBO film), Donnie Brasco, GoodFellas, Casino,Colors, Scarface, The Warriors(Gangbangin at it’s finest) Blow, Traffic, Carlitos Way, New Jack City, American Me, Now if you dont have these in your collection you dont know what gangster is. And if you think King of New York was gangster it was some bullshit. A white gang leader leading an all black gang.Stop Playing. They could have made the leader black and all would have been well. I Hate that hard to believe fake shit. And its a film called Faster with the Rock in it and he did an excellent job.

Favorite Motivational Movie:

“Rocky 3”, “Only In America” The Don King Story.

Favorite Comedy:

“Whats Love Got To Do With It.” (The Tina Turner Movie, that shit was funny to me.) And “Life” I have watched that movie atleast 100 times. Atleast.

If I could have anybody be President who would it be:

Don King for President and Oprah for Vice President. (I bet we get out of debt.) George Bush for secretary of defense.(He knows how to start a war.)

Things I want to do before leaving Earth:

Write a book. Direct a few theatrical release box office smash hits. Hang out with Don King. (Thats a Boss Player.) And go to the strip club with Ice Cube. Have some kids and teach them how to become billionaires. Witness the election of the first Black President. (I may live forever waiting on that one.) <<<< Funny thing is I met Dn King but did not hang with him. And I laugh as I sit here in 2012 and realize I have witnessed the election of our first Black President. I smile.

They have dreamed dreams no mortal have dared dreamed before. —-Edgar Allan Poe

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